Hey everyone, welcome to another episode of Know Your Mods. These are very very popular with our customers, by far one of the best bangs for your buck to lower your car and remove that ugly fender gap on your vehicle. In this blog, I’m going to walk you through some of the details and benefits of Solowerks coilovers to give you a better idea if its the right fit for you.

Solowerks is becoming an increasingly popular name in the realm of suspension. They’re a company of true enthusiasts who actually drive the cars they’re building coilovers for, and know firsthand what it means to have a quality product at a pricepoint that attracts budget-conscious enthusiasts. They’ve been around for years now, even attending events alongside ModBargains, and it’s always great to see them out interacting with customers, answering and asking questions, and turning those interactions into feedback on how to improve their existing products, and/or approach new ones.

Now that you know who Solowerks is, let’s go through the top 3 benefits of the Solo-werks S1 coilovers

1. Bang For Buck

I said it once, but it bears saying again. Solo-werks S1 coilovers start at $499, which is incredibly aggressive for a coilover as high quality as this. Solo-werks S1’s are made of galvanized steel with gold zinc-plated housing, which provides superior resistance to damage caused by corrosion and wear. In warm, dry states like California, Nevada, and Arizona, this provides resistance to corrosive agents or damage due to daily driving, as well as protection from rust in areas with high moisture and salt risk, like the beach.

For enthusiasts in harsh weather environments like those found in northern and eastern states, we might recommend considering a coilover kit made of stainless steel for enhanced corrosion resistance. The S1’s gold zinc plating and galvanized steel construction are corrosion resistant, but high rust-risk areas may still experience corrosion regardless, and we would point enthusiasts in these areas to a more resistant material such as stainless steel. It is up to you to determine what material is best suited for your environment.

Here are some additional build-quality notes that Solo-werks are proud to share with us.

A coilover at this high of quality and at this aggressive price point, the Solo-werks S1 is almost unbeatable in terms of a tuned suspension.

2. Remove Fender Gap

This is usually the motivation for about 95% of suspension jobs done here at Mod Auto, especially after you’ve done a wheel and tire package, or planning on doing on. These are height-adjustable, which means you can raise and lower ride height with a manual adjustment tool (these don’t adjust with a button, you have to crank it manually). This means if you want to go upsize your wheels, which usually requires a height adjustment to avoid fender rubbing, you can do so easily.

Michael came in for Solowerks S1 coilovers to be installed on his F30 330i; he also went from 17″ to 18″ wheels the same day. Here’s how the S1’s helped transform his car:



As you can see, we fit larger VMR wheels on Michael’s car and removed a lot of that ugly fender gap that haunts enthusiasts with stock suspension.

3. More Dynamic Driving Experience

By dynamic, I mean you’re going to feel and experience the road. They’re still comfortable to ride on, so don’t worry if you’re planning to lower your daily driver – they won’t ride as harshly as coilovers made for the track, but will create a more exciting and responsive driving experience.

These are a great OEM+ style coilover in that the kit includes both springs and shocks that are tuned and manufactured specifically to perform together, similar to the quality you get from an OEM’s attention to its suspension.

You might ask, why would I need coilovers when lowering springs are available options? Well, lowering springs do offer a great value for the performance and ride height upgrades they offer, and we recommend them to countless enthusiasts daily. Those with relatively lower mileage on their stock suspension can upgrade to springs alone and experience no negative side effects. However, it’s advised that those who have higher mileage on their car should look into upgrading their shocks and springs at the same time. For those in that situation, coilovers would be a great option, as adjustable suspension like the Solo-werks S1 may be more cost-effective than a spring and shock upgrade.

Higher mileage cars with shock and strut wear can cause disastrous consequences if not addressed during spring installation.

To add to this, the typical service interval for suspension is about 50,000 miles. So if your car is, say, 70,000 miles old, and you haven’t changed your shocks, they are just about at the end of their life anyway. Instead, consider a suspension option like the Solowerks S1’s that pair springs and shocks together, giving you fresh components, in-tune performance, and reliable build quality. All you have to do after install is set the ride height, and you’re good to go.

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