Today on Know Your Mods we walk through the OpenFlash Tablet. This is a portable, full touch screen, ECU flash tuner for the Scion FRS, Mazda MX-5 (as well a some Porsche and BMW models) and allows you to untap your engines hidden potential and boost your vehicles horsepower and torque.

Using a flash tuner like the OpenFlash Tablet lets you tune out many of the factory tunes ‘annoying’ issues such as e-throttle lag or dips in power that the factory tune has. This gives you, the driver, much greater control and enjoyment keeping you in touch with what the engine is doing.


It also optimizes all your existing engine modifications whether its an intake, free flowing exhaust, or more advanced modifications such as added boost or alternative fuels such as E85, making it the Vishnu OpenFlash Tablet for Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ a favorite among boxer enthusiasts. (Click here to read how to run E85 on your FR-S or BRZ).

So what makes the OpenFlash Tablet such a popular choice? First, the ease of use and convenience of the entire device. Featuring a large touch screen, the OpenFlash Tablet doesn’t have any buttons on it as all controls and settings are accessed through the front screen.

Vishnu OpenFlash Tablet for Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ

Speaking of that large front screen. You can also use the OpenFlash Tablet as both a data logger or gauge read-out display. Here you can live monitor all the sensor readouts your ECU normally sees which is useful both for advanced tuning as well as engine troubleshooting. Not to mention use it as a Check Engine Light code reader and diagnostic tool


Installing your first tune on your car couldn’t be easier. Simply connect your OpenFlash Tablet to your vehicle via the supplied OBD2 cable, select your vehicle make and engine, then choose which tune you’d like to run. The OpenFlash Tablet comes pre-loaded with Off-The-Shelf maps to run on your vehicle depending on the modifications you have and the fuel your currently using. However if you’d like a custom tune, the OpenFlash Tablet tune is compatible with those as well letting you tweak every setting to its maximum potential.

Vishnu OpenFlash Tablet for Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ

The OpenFlash Tablet also comes with several advanced features. This includes such cool features as:
-Launch-Control (For perfect RPM launches)
-Flat-Foot-Shifting (For No-Lift-Shifts)
-Customizable Shift Light

…and if you’re hesitant about installing your first tune yourself, fear not. The OpenFlash Tablet makes a back-up of your factory tune mitigating the risk of bricking your ECU and stores it just in case you ever want to re flash your car back to stock.

OFT Open Flash Tablet For FR-S and BRZ

Simply put, if you’re an automotive enthusiast and your not running a tune… your really missing out of all the potential your engine has to offer. Whether its your first mod and your engine is 100% stock, or your fully modified with added boost and modified fuel systems… the OpenFlash Tablet is one of those modifications that can really grow with you. Guaranteeing all the investment you’ve placed in your engine is fully utilized, while keeping the door open in the future for any other modification you may try out down the line.

Looking for more details about the OpenFlash Tablet? Check out this link.

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