Today on Know Your Mods, Tires. Mike breaks down the key benefits of our most popular tire choice among our customers, the Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires.

All the performance and handling mods you add to your car simply mean nothing unless you can translate that into grip on the road your driving on. Tires are by far the most important component of your vehicle, as everything from acceleration, braking, and cornering ability – all of it relies on the small contact patch where your tires meet the road.


Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires set themselves above the competition and utilize many unique design and tread features that are not found on other brands. They are made in a multi segmented mold which allows for more precise and intricate tread patterns. This lets the inside tread and outside tread have two different designs both optimized for different road conditions.

The inside portion of the tire features an extra grippy elastomer compound to provide high speed stability and wet road security. While the outside edge uses a high strength Carbon-Black reinforced elastomer providing sharp handling response and cornering force.

Quite literally the Michelin Pilot Super Sports offer two tires in one, optimized for the maximum amount of grip and performance in both wet and dry conditions. They are trusted by OEMs and high performance exotic car manufactures around the world for a reason, find out why for yourself and pick up a set for your own car.

All tire sizes listed on our site are in stock and ready for immediate shipment. We also provide complete wheel and tire packages for customers who are picking up new wheels as well.


Pricing and Size offerings are available HERE.

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Photos by Nicholas Gregson
Edited from Mike Brown’s original transcript