MBRP History:

Situated in Ontario, Canada MBRP is at the forefront of performance exhaust technology. They have been delivering the most in power, product quality, and customer service for over two decades and it all goes back to when founder Martin Barkey started racing snowmobiles. While Martin Barkey had a hobby for snowmobiles it eventually turned into a passion for racing them. Like many of us automotive enthusiasts, we always want to achieve more—whether it’s making things better, faster, or more noticeable. MBRP created the B&B Eliminator and it was one of the first lightweight performance mufflers for snow sleds. It soon achieved the status of “best selling performance snowmobile silencer of all time.” 

Shortly after, Martin found himself traveling across the country selling snowmobile exhausts and that’s when he realized it would be the perfect time to purchase a truck to haul his supplies. He purchased a 1996 Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel Dually and began a project “Ram Slam” (pictured below). Ram Slam was Martin’s daily duty for about a year before he decided to start using it as a promotional tool for his business. Project Ram SlamMartin wasn’t entirely satisfied with Ram Slam’s exhaust and being the enthusiast that he is he eventually got into exhausts for the diesel truck market. This happened when he was traveling with Ram Slam and a man approached him and said, “Hey! I can sell those for you.” Of course, Martin Barkey was interested in the opportunity. However, after some time spent making exhausts for someone else, he started to make them for his own company MBRP. A few weeks ago we had Nick Moncure visit our La Habra, CA facilities. Nick has been an MBRP rep for a little over a decade and when he joined the team they were only producing exhaust systems for diesel trucks. MBRP eventually moved on from snowmobiles and diesel trucks to gas truck exhausts. They outgrew all of those categories. After some time, founder Martin Barkey purchased a Mustang and had a lot of fun with it, as most of us would. Being the entrepreneur and enthusiast that he is, he understood his company could make exhausts for Mustang—which they did. MBRP successfully attacked the muscle car market for quite some time and it ended up being a great choice. Most recently, Martin Barkey has found a passion for IMSA. IMSA is a North American diverse auto racing sanctioning body owned by NASCAR and based in Daytona Beach, Florida. In 2019 Martin and his teammate Kyle Marcelli joined the then-Blancpain sponsored GT World Challenge America series and earned the Pro-Am Drivers Championship in the MBRP Acura NSX GT3 Evo (pictured below). By accomplishing this, MBRP aspired to produce and focus on exhaust systems for the sports car market. MBRP offers a variety of exhaust systems for your vehicle needs. Whether you’re out in the snow with your snowmobile, in the dirt with your ATV, on the street with your truck, car, or jeep, or on the track with your sports car—MBRP has you covered in all areas. Lately, they have dug into the sports car market producing exhausts for vehicles such as Acura NSX’s, Supra’s, to Ford Focus ST’s.

How Does Racing Influence The Way MBRP Exhausts Are Made?

At MBRP they truly believe in the philosophy of form follows function. MBRP prioritizes on: Horsepower, performance, styling, and sound. However, it ultimately starts on the dyno—everything is tested on their all-wheel dyno along with their flow bench and that’s where the majority of the time is spent. Once MBRP is able to get the most out of exhaust systems they move onto the next step. They think of the best techniques that customers can do to install their own exhausts right inside of their garages. MBRP finds a balance between performance mod and accessory looks. Visually speaking they offer carbon fiber tips, 304 stainless steel tips, black coated tips and are always working on delivering more options. 

What’s The Process at MBRP?

MBRP’s design team and group of engineers use the factory unit as a base. They remove the factory exhaust and follow by flow benching it. This allows them to find areas where they can improve, save weight, and use the least amount of bends as possible. Ultimately, when the design team is done and believes they have an awesome quality product to announce they take one last step. Founder Martin Barkey receives a boxed kit right outside his own home, a kit just as any customer would receive and install it himself. 

Before any product release, Martin will go over instructions and test the exhaust on his own private airstrip and if he’s satisfied with the outcome it’ll be released. However, if there’s something he’s unhappy with he’ll notify his team and they’ll come to a fix. This saves future customers from potential headaches and makes it as straightforward as possible during installation. 

What Kind of Materials Does MBRP Offer?

Aluminized Steel: 

MBRP offers its consumers a variety of materials to choose from. Perhaps you’re someone that’s modding their car on a budget or you want an entry-level exhaust system, MBRP’s aluminized steel will fit you perfectly. Just like a lot of other things in life, with good comes bad. The aluminized steel comes with a 3-year warranty and if it gets damaged it will eventually rust. MBRP also offers its aluminized steel finished off in coated black with a 1-year warranty on the finish and 3 years for the system.

409 & 304 Stainless Steel:

Another option you could choose from would be 409 or 304 stainless steel. 

There’s a slight difference between the two but what separates them is the amount of chromium and nickel found in each. 409 stainless steel has enough ferrous content that a magnet will stick to it. If you’re someone that lives in a place where it doesn’t snow, and roads aren’t salted then this will be great for you and it comes with a lifetime warranty, however, over time this can lead to surface rust. Obviously, most find that to look unattractive on our cars exhausts, but it does give you the sound and performance you’re looking for without breaking the bank.

If you’re someone that wants your exhaust system to look as beautiful as when you first installed it then the 304 stainless steel will be the best option for you. 304 stainless steel is much more resistant to rust and the magnet scenario doesn’t apply because there isn’t enough ferrous content or particles to rust. MBRP offers a lifetime warranty with 304 stainless steel and it’s their best application to date.

Be sure to check out the “Know Your Mods: MBRP” YouTube video where you can find out more information!

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