When generic no-name engine intakes are all over the marketplace, its good to know there are companies like Injen that still do the research and testing required to make quality parts.

Today on Know Your Mods, we explore some of the unique benefits that Injen‘s SP line of performance air intakes offer to your ride.


With a single mod you can not only pick up real-world performance and horsepower gains, but also drastically change the engines sound and over-all driving experience. They look great, come in multiple colors to match your vehicles theme, and are CARB approved for street use. (in most cases)


Injen prides itself on designing properly “Tuned” intake systems. Tuned because each system is specifically optimized for your vehicle, nothing is cookie-cutter copied from model to model.


Injen realizes that modern vehicles can be very picky when it comes to variations in airflow and sensor readings. In fact, many generic or universal style intake systems will result in a LOSS of power or even potential engine damage by leaning out the fuel too much or other sensor anomalies.

Injen Air intake for 2003-07 Infiniti G35 Coupe SP1993P Installed2

This is why Injen‘s SP line of intakes with MR-Technology stand above the crowed in both power gains and engine safety. They are guaranteed to make power, fit perfect, and not cause any engine damage or check engine light issues.

Injen Intake 2012 B8 V6 TFSi 3.0L Supercharged_SP3079P_img002

Performance modifications like the Injen SP line of air intakes also work well when paired with other performance modifications such as a higher flowing exhaust or ECU re-tune.


Its almost like a ‘team effort’ of performance modifications where every part you have installed on your vehicle helps each other out, further boosting power gains.


So whether it’s your first mod or your last, Injen‘s SP line of air intakes will put a smile on your face and power you can feel through your right foot every time you get in your ride.


Ready to swap out your stock and boring air-box for something with a bit more zing? Check out our entire line of Injen intake systems by clicking here.

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