Today on Know Your Mods, we talk about quite possibly the best power-per-dollar mod around. The COBB Tuning Accessport V3, a pocket sized Flash Tuner designed to boost Horsepower and Torque for your BMW, Ford, VW, Subaru, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi or Porsche!

Massively power full yet tiny in size, the Accessport V3 features a large true color display with a simple and easy to use interface.

Installing a Cobb AccessPORT is quick, some models like Fiesta ST can be reflashed in 10 minutes!

Installation couldn’t be easier, simply plug the Accessport V3 into your OBD2 port, load the most relevant Off The Shelf tune that comes pre-installed on the device, and you’re ready to experience instant power gains.

The tunes are labeled with what mods they’re intended to work with, Stage 1 for cars without intercooler/downpipe upgrades and just bolt ons like intake or exhaust, Stage 2 for cars with upgraded intercoolers and other mods, and Stage 3 for cars with upgraded intercoolers and a performance downpipe, and so on. It varies slightly from model to model, but this means that you’ve got an appropriate map for every mod you’ve got, both what you have now, and what you might upgrade in the future, meaning the AccessPORT’s potential will be able to grow right along with your mods.

If you’re looking to maximize your gains or if you have a bespoke engine setup with larger turbos or built internals; the Accessport V3 can be used in conjunction with a dyno to install a custom “ProTune” specific to your engine modifications and atmospheric conditions, or you can even record data logs of your car’s performance on a baseline tune, and a remote tuner can look at your data and send you a revised tune file to optimize your power curve even further. While the AccessPORT offers significant gains right out of the box, it’s worth saying that adding a bespoke tune file specific to your car will make the most possible power.

Cobb AccessPORT V3 ECU Flash Tuner for 2015+ Ford Mustang EcoBoost (AP-FOR-003)

The Accessport V3 is also a versatile digital gauge cluster, as it can simultaneously display up to 6 different sensors such a boost, coolant temp, etc. With the included magnetic car mount, you can easily mount the Accessport V3 to your vehicle and use it as a gauge pod. This makes it especially useful on cars not equipped with a factory boost gauge.

Whether you want more zing from your 320i, or you’re building a WRX rally monster, the COBB Accessport V3 offers the features, tenability, and ease of use your looking for to extract all the performance your vehicle was meant to have, unlocking power that’s hobbled by the factory program with things like torque truncation to adding kickass features like Launch Control*, On-The-Fly Map Switching*, Flat-Foot-Shifting*, Burnout Mode* and the features keep coming with every software update from Cobb Tuning.

*features available on select models only. See map notes to see if your vehicle’s AP V3 offers these!

Cobb Tuning V3 AccessPORT Installed/Mounted

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