In this episode of Know Your Mods… Full featured Coilovers that won’t break the bank? YUP! BC Racing BR-Series Coilovers are the go-to option for drivers who want it all. Offering an insane bang for the buck, these are a great choice for virtually any build.

BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (34)

Each coilover system is purpose built and unique to each vehicle.

Ford Mustang GT S197 BC Coilovers Eurotek MM6 20in_before_after

BC Racing starts with the factory suspension design, then they reverse engineer it to make there own systems that offer perfect fitment while improving handling and offering that aggressive lowered look we all want.

BMW_E92_M3_Valli_Khan_BC_Coils_Remus_Exhaust_CF (39)

Priced just under a thousand dollars for most kits, The BR series kits offer many features that other companies simply skimp out on.


You still receive a fully threaded shock body which lets you adjust the height of the vehicle by the shock height, and not compromise the spring travel.


You also have top hats on most kits, some even have camber plats when needed (McPherson Struts). As well as 30-levels of dampening control to fine-tune your ride to your unique preference.


18×8.5 ET43 Wedsport TC105N with 235/40-18 Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 Tires & BC Coilovers

The other nice thing about full coilovers, is the fact you get a matched shock and spring assembly. That means your new aggressive lowering spring has the proper shock to dampen out a bouncy ride; something a simple lowering spring just can’t do.

Mazdaspeed3 BC Coilovers (3)

The two compliment each other and improve on the longevity and ride quality above that which a lowering spring by itself can’t do with the original OEM shocks.

Ford S197 Mustang GT HRE FF01 BC Coilovers WHiteline (2)

HRE FF01 Tarmac 20×9 ET35 / 20×10.5 ET45 with Nitto NT555 285/30-20 / 305/30-20 Tires
on BC Coilovers + Whiteline UCA/LCA/Panhard Rod/Chassis Braces/Sway Bar

Whether looking to dial in the ultimate lowered look for your daily, or searching for something you can fine tune into the ultimate track setup… BR series coilovers from BC Racing offer all the control and features needed to suit any driving condition.

Mazdaspeed3 BC Coilovers (23)

All without sacrificing quality, longevity, or even the price. A true Win-Win-Win product that offers every thing you’d want in a fully adjustable coilover system.


18×8.5 ET43 Wedsport TC105N with 235/40-18 Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 Tires & BC Coilovers

When it comes time to lower your car, BC Racing BR-Series Coilovers should definitely be on your short list. Thanks for joining us, and we hope this helps you make a more informed buying decision picking up your next suspension mod.

Ford Mustang GT S197 BC Coilovers Eurotek MM6 20in (13)

Check em out for yourself through the link bellow. Not sure which style is the best for your driving location? contact one of our ModExperts and we’d be happy to help you out.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson