Forgestar F14 SDC 20×10.5 / 20×12 + Falken 453 275/35-20 315/35-20 Tires

on KW V3 Coilovers + Hotchkis Trailing Arms + Hotchkis Panhard Bar

The #1 question I get about my Mustang GT is how I like the Vortech Supercharger for 2011-13 Mustang 5.0L system I have installed on it.  In the S197 Mustang world there are lots to choose from when it comes to blowers, there centrifugal blowers like I have on my Mustang from Vortech (pictured above), and then you have your mix of twin screw systems as well from various other manufacturers.

Ford_Mustang_GT_S197_APR_Widebody_Vortech_SC_Forgestar_F14_SDC (2)

Now when I get these questions about the system, it’s usually “How do you like it?” or I’ll get a good mix of “Why did you pick Vortech over this brand?”  Well there’s a lot to consider when you’re looking for a blower, here’s why I did it along with some product info for those who might be looking to go the forced induction route.

The Vortech Supercharger System for S197 Ford Mustang 5.0 above is a complete kit, it comes with the blower of course, the intercooler, all the intercooler and radiator piping you require, as well as the clamps, coolant expansion tank, and of course a new filter, and a tune tuner to upload the brand new software you’re going to need for this system.  Right off the bat, the system makes enough boost (8PSI), to produce 600HP at the crank as well as 475FT/LBS of torque too.

What differs aside from the blower style between Vortech and the other guys, is that this V3si blower runs at 78% adiabatic efficiency, which means less heat is being created and this also means that less drive power is lost from pulling that belt, which creates more overall net power.  So basically less heat because it runs more efficient than the other blowers, but it takes less effort for the motor to turn the belt, which significantly helps producing more power.

Forgestar F14 SDC 20×10.5 / 20×12 + Falken 453 275/35-20 315/35-20 Tires

on KW V3 Coilovers +Hotchkis Trailing Arms + Hotchkis Panhard Bar

The thing that really turned me onto this kit as well as being the most efficient blower I could find, with the reliability and durability that you get from a name like Vortech, would be that it’s 50-state CARB Legal.

Those guys in California who are upset that you can get big power because of restrictions due to smog/emissions can now be safe!  We’re located in California, and the last thing I would want would be hassle from being pulled over and being asked if my parts were legal or not.  Now I don’t have to worry at all!

Last but not least, Vortech wanted to make sure they had all their bases covered, so they offer a Satin finished blower which is your standard finish for most blowers, but then they decided that they wanted to kick it up a notch and give customers the option to go with the black edition kit which I have on my own car, and a polished version as well for those guys who want to have their system match any other under hood accessories in the same polished look.  Here are both the specialty finishes:

For those looking to seriously increase the performance out of your Mustang, make sure to contact with any questions!

For more information, call 714-582-3330, chat live at or stop by the showroom in La Habra, CA.

Ford_Mustang_GT_S197_APR_Widebody_Vortech_SC_Forgestar_F14_SDC (6)