It’s not every day you see a Viper, let alone put parts on one. Recently Senior Modification Expert Elliott Goodman worked together with Shawn to put the Mopar supersnake onto a new set of wheels. But let’s back up a moment.Viper-GTS-Forgestar-F14-003
Shawn first fell in love with the Viper GT-S back in 1997, when he saw one for the first time on the way to his part time job. The driver, a local doctor, saw Shawn with his jaw likely agape, grinned and said, “HEY, WATCH THIS!!” and proceeded to paint the road black as he laid tire half way down the block. The V10 had worked its magic, and right then and there, the snake had slithered its way into his heart. As the years passed, Shawn got married, bought a house and had kids, and finally he got to the point in his life where he could do that most sacred of car-guy rituals: searching the internet for the car of our dreams. He searched far and wide for the blue and white Viper GT-S of his dreams, and then finally found one back in 2004, but the dealer that had one was being fishy over the phone, and so Shawn had to pass for a few years.
So the years passed, and Shawn modded the living hell out of his Nissan Z33 350Z Roadster, throwing every bolt on in the book at the car along with a set of sick SSR Wheels. And for a time, he was happy. Until one fortuitous day in 2012, when he got a call from a local buddy that a 1997 GT-S for sale nearby, he had to check it out the same day. Before he knew it, the deal was done and the car came home on Black Friday, 2012. (I too took delivery of my car on Black Friday – Ed.)Since then, Shawn’s kept his 350Z Roadster – and the funny thing is, that while the 350Z’s resale value continues to drop, the Viper on the other hand, is different than most cars in that it actually hasn’t depreciated at all any further and tells us that the insurance on the Viper is less than it was on the 350Z. How hilarious is that?!
Viper-GTS-Forgestar-F14-009 Viper-GTS-Forgestar-F14-006
So, being a guy with the Mod bug, the Viper’s not stock either – which is how he came to know Senior Modification Expert Elliott and us. The Viper needed some new wheels – the original 1997 wheels were great- in 1997. The Viper needed an update for today’s roads, and a set of Forgestar F14 Wheels for Viper was just the ticket. Being a fitment expert, Elliott recommended the 6-lug wheels in 19×10 up front – which is already wider than most cars have as rear tires – and then you have positively insane 20×12 rear wheels as wide as the friggin Amazon. The finish on the wheels is a two stage powdercoat, Brushed Aluminum and Black Chrome I, and the finishing touch is a set of Nitto Tire Invo 285/30-19 and 345/25-20 tires give this serpent grip to match its bite.
Viper-GTS-Forgestar-F14-010 Viper-GTS-Forgestar-F14-008 Viper-GTS-Forgestar-F14-005
The interior is starting to show its age in its design, but that’s about it – the condition of the materials still looks almost new. The love and care with which this Viper is maintained is obvious to anyone with eyes. It’s well cared for.
Viper-GTS-Forgestar-F14-001 Viper-GTS-Forgestar-F14-002The Viper, already a darn potent muscle machine from the factory, has been beefed up a little further courtesy of Smooth Tube Intakes with high flow filters, an SCT Tuner and the part that made him everyone’s favorite neighbor, a set of straight pipes. With a neighbor that’s a Police Officer next door, you can bet Shawn is proud to “play them the song of his people.”
All in all, Shawn loves his Viper and we’re proud to have been a part in helping him enjoy his V10 Mopar Serpent a little more. If you’re interested in a set of wheels for your Viper, 6-Lug CTS-V or almost any other car, talk to the Modification Experts at ModBargains like Elliott (x8009) at 714-582-3330 or visit our showroom in La Habra, CA on Lambert Rd at Harbor Blvd.
Story by Nicholas Gregson in Collaboration with Modification Expert Elliott Goodman
Photos by Anton Bachuk, Courtesy Shawn Netkowicz