With the E82 BMW 135i, one of the problems is that the factory exhaust configuration leaves you mostly stuck with a single-exit class exhaust system, unless of course, you ponied up big for a 1M. Judy T started modding her 135i a while back with a bit of help from Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei – this time it was back for the next step – an exhaust system.

Today the car is in for a quad exhaust conversion by Remus Exhaust. Given that we’re converting it from single exit to duals with quad tips, there’s a bit of work involved of course, but with the Remus system everything all goes together pretty easily.

We removed the rear bumper while we mounted the system in place, removing the OEM diffuser panel from the rear bumper.BMW_E82_135i_RemusQuad_Volk_VR.G2_18x8et45_18x9et50_-26

After getting the system positioned, we reinstalled the rear bumper and got it ready for the new rear diffuser panel.


The Remus Quad Exhaust for E82 features Remus’ trademark “street race” style tips, which feature a carbon fiber insert on each exhaust tip for a bespoke touch.BMW_E82_135i_RemusQuad_Volk_VR.G2_18x8et45_18x9et50_-28


We installed a Performance style large-fin Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser for E82 BMW 1-series to frame the Remus Quad Exhaust for BMW E82, which matches nicely with the Performance style Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler for E82 the car already had.
BMW_E82_135i_RemusQuad_Volk_VR.G2_18x8et45_18x9et50_-31The Carbon Fiber Remus tips pair beautifully with the carbon fiber diffuser.


Riding at stock ride height, Judy’s E82 BMW 135i rolls on a gorgeous set of genuine Volk VR.G2 Wheels for BMW 135i, spec’d at 18×8 ET45  / 18×9 ET50 in the rear, wrapped in sticky Falken Azenis tires – 235/40-18 up front and 265/35-18 out back for enough grip to make this 1er a real joy to drive on the backroads.


Here’s a closeup of those Volks for you wheel aficionados out there.
BMW_E82_135i_RemusQuad_Volk_VR.G2_18x8et45_18x9et50_-12Unbelievably, the stock E82 suspension ride height seems to be perfect with this wheel/tire combination, something that we can’t say often.

Out in the sun, the car looks boss with all the pieces working together, the exhaust with the diffuser, the diffuser with the spoiler and the spoiler ties into the blacked out roof and emblems.BMW_E82_135i_RemusQuad_Volk_VR.G2_18x8et45_18x9et50_-22Here’s how the Remus Quad Exhaust for E82 1-series looks viewing it from straight on.
BMW_E82_135i_RemusQuad_Volk_VR.G2_18x8et45_18x9et50_-24Here’s how it looks from the other side.BMW_E82_135i_RemusQuad_Volk_VR.G2_18x8et45_18x9et50_-9All in all, with a bit of Mod Expert Alan‘s help, Judy’s built one very tastefully done modded BMW E82 135i.

Thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoyed the photos. See you next time!

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Volk VR.G2 – Formula Silver
18×8 ET45
18×9 ET50
Falken Azenis

Story & Photos Nicholas Gregson