The all new BMW M2 [F87] has hardly been out six months and already our friends at Remus Innovation have unveiled their exhaust system for the M2.

Have a listen to what the Remus Sport Exhaust for BMW M2 sounds like for yourself in the video above.

BMW F87 M2 Remus Exhaust (4)

Featuring oversized quad tips and a free flowing design, the Remus Exhaust for F87 BMW M2 gives the rear end of the car a much more purposeful, menacing look.

BMW F87 M2 Remus Exhaust (1) This customer opted for the Carbon Fiber tip option to drive home the “race ready” aesthetic.BMW F87 M2 Remus Exhaust (2)

From this angle we get a good look at how the Remus Sport Exhaust for F87 M2 allows the turbo inline six under the hood to breathe easier, note that every bend is streamlined and smooth with no sudden bends for maximum power.

While an exhaust alone won’t make a lifechanging power difference, there’s still a tidy bump in output to be had as seen in the dyno chart above.

BMW F87 M2 Remus Exhaust (7)

Here’s a closer look at those carbon fiber tips.

BMW F87 M2 Remus Exhaust (3) Installed, the system looks as good as it sounds.
BMW F87 M2 Remus Exhaust (6)

Unfortunately the customer had to leave right away after the installation so we weren’t able to get photos of it on the ground, but the photo below should give you a good idea of what the system looks like installed.



Remus SPORT Exhaust for 2016+ BMW M2 [F87 Part#SKU: 0046 98cb

Thanks for joining us, we hope you enjoyed this first look at this new exhaust system from Remus.

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Story Nick Gregson