Every once and a while, a customer sends us the review – and I think you’d rather hear what they thought of their parts than hear it from me.

Check out Tony’s review of the set of Diode Dynamics Luxeon LED Fog Lights for Fiesta/Focus (and more applications!) – these little beauties really make a huge difference in how much of the road you can actually see at night, and they’re the next mod on the list for our Project Fiesta ST. At just $155 SHIPPED* (within USA), these are a really affordable way to increase your actual light output on the road. So without further adieu, here’s Tony’s review of the lighting upgrades we fitted to his Fiesta ST:

“Hey guys! So I got the chance to go to ModBargains monthly Ford meet on Wednesday, graciously hosted by Mike and Nick. There was a decent crowd of Fost and Fist owners. Most of us were lucky enough to see a demonstration of how much brighter a set of Diode Dynamics LED fog lamps can be compared to the OEM units. Needless to say, I was convinced enough to order a set the next day from Mike.

I took my car in to Modbargains to have them install the Diode Dynamics HID low beams and LED fog lights. Based on what I can see so far, the light produced is a true white and is probably 2-3 times as bright as the OEM halogens. I was concerned that the HID in the reflective housing was going to produce an obnoxious glare but good news is that it seems like cut off line is more defined than I expected.

As for the fog lights, I would say the light projection is about as perfect as it gets with a clean cut-off line. Nick at ModBargains claims that the light output is even higher than the OEM HIDs on the FoST – and I must agree with him, as I saw the demo first hand at the monthly Ford meet. For folks who don’t feel like forking out over $800 for the OEM Euro headlights (which Nick has fitted to his Fiesta ST), this set-up for about $330 is a great alternative considering the high quality of the product. Both sets are rated at 5000k so they are virtually identical in terms of color temperature.

A big thank you to Mike, Nick and the rest of the guys at Modbargains for the great customer service and making this happen. Total install time was approximately an hour but here are the results:
Here’s a image that demonstrates the difference:

These are rated at 5000K so they are still white with no shade of blue, which I wanted to avoid. Since I wanted the low beams to match the whiter fog lamps, I also ordered a set of Diode Dynamics H11 5000K HID kit. Both of these will be installed by Modbargains once they call me up when they come in. I’ll be sure to post an updated review on the products.”

Ford-Fiesta-ST-Diode-Dynamics-Luxeon-Fogs-Tony-Lam-Mike-BeforeAfter Ford-Fiesta-ST-Diode-Dynamics-Luxeon-Fogs-AND-HIDS-Tony-Lam-Mike-001


Here’s Tony’s Fiesta ST as it appeared when it rolled in…

And here we are after popping in the LUXEON type A LED fog lights, which feature Phillips LED components. The output is a crisp, white light without any hint of blue. It’s pretty spot on for replicating close-to-daylight color temperature.Ford-Fiesta-ST-Diode-Dynamics-Luxeon-Fogs-AND-HIDS-Tony-Lam-Mike-002 Ford-Fiesta-ST-Diode-Dynamics-Luxeon-Fogs-AND-HIDS-Tony-Lam-Mike-003



Ford-Fiesta-ST-Diode-Dynamics-Luxeon-Fogs-AND-HIDS-Tony-Lam-Mike-005 Ford-Fiesta-ST-Diode-Dynamics-Luxeon-Fogs-AND-HIDS-Tony-Lam-Mike-007 Ford-Fiesta-ST-Diode-Dynamics-Luxeon-Fogs-AND-HIDS-Tony-Lam-Mike-009
For those of you that are curious, the Fiesta ST Wheels you see here are Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2, specd at 18×8 ET43, wrapped in 215/40-18 Continental Extreme Contact tires.

Ford-Fiesta-ST-Diode-Dynamics-Luxeon-Fogs-AND-HIDS-Tony-Lam-Mike-016 Ford-Fiesta-ST-Diode-Dynamics-Luxeon-Fogs-AND-HIDS-Tony-Lam-Mike-017

After installing the Luxeon Type A LED fog lights, we also fitted Tony’s Fiesta ST with a set of Diode Dynamics HIDs in 5000k to match the fogs.


Tony’s Fiesta ST sits low on ST Suspension XTA coilovers for Fiesta ST, the same ones that we have fitted to our Project Fiesta ST – and like my own experience, Tony feels like they’re much more comfortable to live with than the stock suspension. It just goes to show kids, installing coilovers on your Fiesta ST WILL NOT ruin your Fiesta ST suspension.Ford-Fiesta-ST-Diode-Dynamics-Luxeon-Fogs-AND-HIDS-Tony-Lam-Mike-013 Ford-Fiesta-ST-Diode-Dynamics-Luxeon-Fogs-AND-HIDS-Tony-Lam-Mike-015 Ford-Fiesta-ST-Diode-Dynamics-Luxeon-Fogs-AND-HIDS-Tony-Lam-Mike-014


Thanks to Tony for the kind words and for letting me snap these great photos of his car to share  with you all. A set of Diode Dynamics Fog Lamps is next on the  list of mods for our Project Fiesta ST, and it’s easy to see why.

Want to know more about HIDs? Check out this blog post about HID Headlights here.

Interested in Fiesta ST Mods for your own car? Talk to the Mod Experts at ModBargains- you can get advice from ST vehicle specialists like myself and Mod Experts like Co-Founder Mike Brown and the rest of the team by calling us at  714-582-3330 or chat live with us at

Thanks for joining us, see you next time!

Story & Photos Nick Gregson

Review by Tony L

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