BMW F30 335i Remus Quad Tips (1)

The F30 BMW 335i, though blisteringly quick and powerful, certainly can use some love in the looks and sound departments. That’s why this 335i came in to see the Mod Experts about upgrading the car to a Remus Exhaust system.BMW F30 335i Remus Quad Tips (7) See, the factory exhaust for the F30 BMW 335i is a dual exit, single tip setup, which looks fine, I guess, but doesn’t have that classically German feel.
BMW F30 335i Remus Quad Tips (12) To give it that German flair, we’ve fitted a Remus Sport Exhaust for F30 335i, fitted with the optional quad tip setup. As we said in our guide to the Best Mods for F30 335i, an exhaust system changes both the look and sound of your car for the better.

BMW F30 335i Remus Quad Tips (3)
The Quad Tip variant adds a quartet of 84mm Carbon Fiber trimmed “Street Race” style tips, which feature a sound control valve like the factory system, allowing the car to really pipe up when you sink your foot to the floor, letting that inline six sing.

BMW F30 335i Remus Quad Tips (2)

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson