Tony T has been a ModBargains customer for quite some time. Tony had worked with with the Mod Experts on modding his F10 5-series a while back, so when Tony sold his F10 and picked up a 2015 Infiniti Q50 S in shadow grey, he gave the Mod Experts a call to get the Q50 dialed in looking how he wanted it.


To give the car the ride height he wanted to create the aesthetic he was going for, Tony had the Mod Experts set the car up with a set of BC Coilovers for Infiniti G37/Q50. The 30-way adjustable BC Coilovers give the Infiniti Suspension great functional-yet-fitted stance and a comfortable yet compliant ride.



After dropping the car, Tony had the Q put on a set of Stance Wheels SC1’s, in Slate Gray to match the car’s Shadow Grey exterior. The wheels were spec’d out at 20×9 ET32 up front, 20×10.5 ET47 in the rear, wrapped in Toyo Tires Proxes 235/35-20 / 275/30-20 tires to keep that VQ power going to the ground.


Up front, the car’s nose has the same aggression of the GT-R, but reinterpreted in a classy way in the design of a Front Splitter by Stillen for the Q50.Infiniti_Q50S_BC_coilovers_Stillen_splitter_Stance_SC1_20x9et32_20x105et47-10 Infiniti_Q50S_BC_coilovers_Stillen_splitter_Stance_SC1_20x9et32_20x105et47-11

In the rear, you can see the drop offered by the BC Racing Coilovers is just right to give the sedan a great look without taking away from its usability as a daily driver.Infiniti_Q50S_BC_coilovers_Stillen_splitter_Stance_SC1_20x9et32_20x105et47-13Today was also the first day we’ve had our new Mod Auto signage up outside the shop, so naturally we had to get a few photos before the rain hit. What do you think of the new design? We’re really happy with it.
Infiniti_Q50S_BC_coilovers_Stillen_splitter_Stance_SC1_20x9et32_20x105et47-15 Infiniti_Q50S_BC_coilovers_Stillen_splitter_Stance_SC1_20x9et32_20x105et47-16 Infiniti_Q50S_BC_coilovers_Stillen_splitter_Stance_SC1_20x9et32_20x105et47-17 Infiniti_Q50S_BC_coilovers_Stillen_splitter_Stance_SC1_20x9et32_20x105et47-20 Infiniti_Q50S_BC_coilovers_Stillen_splitter_Stance_SC1_20x9et32_20x105et47-21 Infiniti_Q50S_BC_coilovers_Stillen_splitter_Stance_SC1_20x9et32_20x105et47-24 Infiniti_Q50S_BC_coilovers_Stillen_splitter_Stance_SC1_20x9et32_20x105et47-25 Infiniti_Q50S_BC_coilovers_Stillen_splitter_Stance_SC1_20x9et32_20x105et47-26 Infiniti_Q50S_BC_coilovers_Stillen_splitter_Stance_SC1_20x9et32_20x105et47-27 Infiniti_Q50S_BC_coilovers_Stillen_splitter_Stance_SC1_20x9et32_20x105et47-28 Infiniti_Q50S_BC_coilovers_Stillen_splitter_Stance_SC1_20x9et32_20x105et47-31


With help from the Mod Experts, Tony has gotten everything he needed to turn his new Q50S from dealer-fresh to a custom-tailored look, and we’re flattered that Tony chose to come back to us when he needed mods for the Infiniti after his positive experiences working with us on his F10.

We asked Tony why he came back when he changed cars, and his answer was simple. “I came back because of the good service and the great client feedback, the Mod Experts kept me in the loop with with my orders and helped me get a hold of the parts I needed to make my F10 look exactly the way I wanted. So when I got rid of the F10 and got the Infiniti, I had to give the guys at ModBargains a call!”

Want to change the look or performance of your car? Talk to the team of Mod Experts here, give us a call at 714-582-3330, chat live at or stop by the Mod Auto showroom in La Habra any time during business hours to talk to an expert.

Thank you to Tony for coming back to share his Infiniti with us and we think he’s created one damn good looking package.

Thanks for joining us, and we’ll see you next time.
Story & Photos Nick Gregson