Yesterday our friends from HRE Performance Wheels stopped by the shop to showcase their 2015 Ford Mustang GT, fresh back from SEMA 2014. Ford_Mustang_HRE_FF15_20x10_20x11_toyo_tires_eibach_springs_img023

With the 2015 GT, all we can say about the new rear end is DAT ASS.

Dat Cat Ass

I mean seriously, that is one sexy back end. Normally we wouldn’t throw a random lolcat in there, but man, the latest gen Mustang is really something to behold from behind; evoking both classic Mustang design cues yet modernized, it really is the ideal shape for the latest incarnation of the Definitive Ponycar.


So let’s get down to brass tacks – why this Ponycar looks and sounds like it does. Of course, being from HRE Performance Wheels, naturally it’s on a set of HREs – and this pony’s horseshoes are HRE FLOW+FORM FF15 Wheels for Mustangs, spec’d out at 20×10 ET40 / 20×11 ET55 front and rear.

HRE FLOW+FORM FF15s are available in Liquid Silver or Tarmac, but aren’t limited to that color palatte by any means…

HRE finished this particular set of FF15’s in a bespoke color called “IPA”.


Of course, with any set of wheels, Wheels are only half of the equation. You could have the most badass set of HRE wheels and still be slower than dirt on the track if your tires are garbage, so naturally our friends at HRE chose the best tire for their application – a set of TOYO TIRES Proxes R888s, an extremely grip happy compound perfect for the power this 5.0 puts down. Spec’d out at 285/30-20 in the front and beefy 315/30-20, using this Mustang’s Burnout Button is an exercise in futility.


The custom IPA finish really makes these FF15s stand out as something special. We also found the description of the color perfect – San Diego is known for its massive Craft Brew scene, and being located in San Diego, the color of an India Pale Ale is a perfect descriptor for this HRE color.


Of course, the 2015 Mustang GT Suspension doesn’t sit like this from the factory, no, this car sits a bit lower than stock thanks to a set of Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs for 2015 Mustang GT, which drops the car 1.0in up front and 1.1in the rear for a nice but noticeable drop without making the car “too low” for the crappy roads of SoCal. Eibach knows that the Pro-Kit’s conservative drop isn’t for everyone, which is why they offer Eibach Sportline Lowering Springs for 2015 Mustang GT as well, which lowers the car 1.5in in front and 1.3in at the rear.
Ford_Mustang_HRE_FF15_20x10_20x11_toyo_tires_eibach_springs_img026 Ford_Mustang_HRE_FF15_20x10_20x11_toyo_tires_eibach_springs_img029 Ford_Mustang_HRE_FF15_20x10_20x11_toyo_tires_eibach_springs_img028 Ford_Mustang_HRE_FF15_20x10_20x11_toyo_tires_eibach_springs_img025

This Mustang exhaust isn’t stock either, a set of black tips of a Gibson Performance Exhaust Cat-Back system, giving this car the sound to match its aesthetics.

Ford_Mustang_HRE_FF15_20x10_20x11_toyo_tires_eibach_springs_img007 Ford_Mustang_HRE_FF15_20x10_20x11_toyo_tires_eibach_springs_img002 Ford_Mustang_HRE_FF15_20x10_20x11_toyo_tires_eibach_springs_img006 Ford_Mustang_HRE_FF15_20x10_20x11_toyo_tires_eibach_springs_img005 Ford_Mustang_HRE_FF15_20x10_20x11_toyo_tires_eibach_springs_img020 Ford_Mustang_HRE_FF15_20x10_20x11_toyo_tires_eibach_springs_img024 Ford_Mustang_HRE_FF15_20x10_20x11_toyo_tires_eibach_springs_img034 Ford_Mustang_HRE_FF15_20x10_20x11_toyo_tires_eibach_springs_img008 Ford_Mustang_HRE_FF15_20x10_20x11_toyo_tires_eibach_springs_img011 Ford_Mustang_HRE_FF15_20x10_20x11_toyo_tires_eibach_springs_img012 Ford_Mustang_HRE_FF15_20x10_20x11_toyo_tires_eibach_springs_img003

All told, our friends at HRE put together one handsome car, and we’re sure that this isn’t the last thing they’ll do to the car either, and this was a great way to check out the new HRE FF15 wheels in person.

Interested in modding your Mustang or ordering a set of HRE wheels? From Fox Body to SN95 to S197 to present, our team of Mod Experts can help make your Ponycar faster, handle better and look the way you’ve always dreamed.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoyed the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them.

Story & Photos Nick Gregson