For years HRE Wheels have been making themselves, offering some of the finest quality wheels available anywhere, and are many enthusiasts consider HRE to be one of the finest wheels for BMW on the market. Now, has stepped beyond just offering Forged Wheels, taking their attention to detail and impeccable standards for fit and finish to flow form wheels, quality evidenced in their HRE FF01 Flow Forged wheels.

Here at ModBargains we’re pleased to announce that we are one of the first to offer this all new line of HRE wheels, and so we’d like to tell you a little bit about HRE’s Flow Form Wheels and just what it is that flow forming is.

First, you should know that Flow Forming offers the benefits of a Forged wheel, but it’s produced via a different means than traditional forging to create a lightweight, durable wheel at a lower cost than the notoriously expensive cost of Forged. Flow Forming creates a very light, strong wheel that delivers a performance edge over a cast or low pressure cast wheels thanks to the unique properties endowed by the unique flow forging process.


HRE Performance Wheels’ all new line of FlowForm wheels are manufactured utilizng a unique casting and forming process that creates a wheel with strength properties similar to those of a forged wheel. 

The process begins with pouring molten aluminum into a mold face-side-down, where it is then rapidly cooled. By quickly cooling the metal down right after heating it up (sometimes referred to as quenching), the aluminum alloy becomes more dense, and thereby enhancing the elastic strength and durability of the wheel. 

After the wheel face is formed (Fig A), it is pulled from the mold and placed into the flow-forming machine, (Fig B) which operates in a manner similar to a potters’ wheel. This process stretches the barrel downward, causing the metal to “flow” into the correct “form”, hence the name, and this process ultimately gives the wheel its final shape (Fig C). This “stretching” process changes the internal grain structure of the aluminum (much like the direction of the grain makes a difference in wood), making it stronger, lighter and more precise than a non-flow-formed barrel, resulting in forged aluminum-like strength.

hre-stocking-order-2 hre-stocking-order-3

At ModBargains, we know what the name HRE stands for, their fantastic reputation, and we’re big fans of the fact that these wheels were designed and engineered in the United States. Developed right here in California, down in San Diego-about 70-80 miles south of us here in La Habra. If the quality of the beers coming out of San Diego is any indication, we can continue to expect lots of great things from our southern neighbors. As you can see by the literal TRUCKLOAD of wheels, ModBargains a major stocking distributor of HRE Flow Form Wheels, meaning we’ve got quite a few of the most popular fitments and finishes in stock, on hand, right here in our warehouse, ready to ship to you.

HRE Flow Form’s first design, the HRE FF01 Wheel is available in a huge variety of colors to suit your taste and build, offering you the perfect accent to any vehicle. As with almost all HRE wheels for BMW, they look absolutely fantastic on nearly any BMW, Audi or Porsche model.

If you’re interested in ordering a set of HRE Flow Form wheels for your vehicle, talk to our team of knowledgeable and friendly Modification Experts, who can recommend a fitment and tire size combo that will work best for your style and budget. Call us at 714-582-3330 or email us at or just click here to jump straight to our collection of HRE Flow Form Wheels.