HRE wheels have been a staple company within the industry for many years now. Based out of San Diego CA, they have been building high quality forged wheels straight from their TUV-approved facility for many, many years. HRE has grown a reputation among the car community for its amazing wheel line and set a standard for what fine quality wheels are.

HRE released their new Flow Form line not too long ago and has had great success so far. Backed with their quality and reputation, the Flow Form line offers cast flow formed wheels that are made in Japan and offer great styling and similar durability and performance aspects that you would find within their forged wheel line; all with a great price point.HRE Flow Form FF01 FF04 FF15 Tarmac Black Porsche Caliper

The Porsche 911 is Porsche’s staple sports vehicle, and goes down as one of the best sports cars in automotive history. The reliability on the 911 is astounding for a high performance German vehicle, and the driving experience it provides is like none other. It is one of the few high performance sports cars that can actually be driven daily but still provide a very spirited driving experience. The new 991 911 has some of the best body styling as well in my opinion, and still provides the same amazing driving experience all the previous 911’s provided.

With two extremely premium companies, it only makes sense that both pair up very well together. HRE’s premium wheel styling and sporty attributes fits and flows perfectly with the Porsche 911’s persona. The entire Flow Form line works in conjunction with the 991 seamlessly, and helps provide an overall positive experience for 991 owners. HRE has also managed to create the perfect wheel sizing and fitments specifically for the 991, down to bolt pattern, proper offsets, and perfect widths which is very rare for many other wheel companies. Here we take a look at each individual HRE Flow Form wheel on the 991, and why each wheel works with the 991 in its own unique manner.


The HRE FF01 is a fantastic wheel for the Porsche 991. As stated at the top, both companies have a long heritage behind them. The FF01 pays homage to classic European wheel styling with a more traditional mesh design that looks great with the 991. The entire 911 line up has many similarities in terms of styling, and the 991 pays homage to many classic features that were seen on more classic 911’s. Features like the round, circular headlights and body shape pay homage to older models of the 911 like the 964. Alongside the classic features it still has its updated quirks and modern styling that still makes it a very current car.

Porsche 911 991 HRE FF01 Tarmac Black Michelin Pilot Sport A/S

The FF01 does the same and has its little updated features to bring forth a modern taste to a classic design, such as the slight concavity and two different beautiful finishes. The FF01 is great for a 991 enthusiast who likes to keep a more lowkey profile and likes a classic look with the classic 991 body styling.

Porsche 911 991 HRE FF01 Tarmac Black Michelin Pilot Sport A/S



The HRE FF04 has a very different approach compared to the FF01. The FF04 is a very aggressive and sporty set of wheels, that also works great with the 991. The 991 has a very sporty body, with big vents and large fenders all being accompanied by both smooth and sharp body lines. The FF04 takes the 991’s sporty attributes and bumps it up even more, giving it that true sports car look. The split 5 spoke design calls for an immediately aggressive and bold design, and its large windows allows you to see the large calipers and rotors that you generally see on the 991.

Porsche 991 911 Turbo HRE FF04 Tarmac Black Pirelli P Zero

The FF04 is a great wheel for the 991 owner who wants to stand out and wants to enhance the 991’s already sporty appearance. Paired with the proper offsets and wheel sizing, these wheels are serious eye catchers and definitely help stand the 991 compared to the factory wheels.

Porsche 991 911 Turbo HRE FF04 Tarmac Black Pirelli P Zero



The HRE FF15 is sort of the middle ground between the FF01 and the FF04, mixing between classic styling with aggressive and sporty foreground. The FF15 comes with a 15 spoke design, which is a very classic design and has been associated with many different wheels throughout the years. HRE takes it a step further though, adding deep concavity which allows for a more aggressive look and fitment when paired with a wide wheel for the rear fenders. The large windows in between the spokes also helps show off the big brake kit on the 991, just like the FF04’s.

Porsche 911 991 HRE Flow Form FF15 Pirelli P Zero

The FF15 is a great option for the 991 owner who can’t seem to decide between the classic look of the FF01, or the sporty ambiance of the FF04 as the FF15 really provides the best of both worlds.

Porsche 911 991 HRE Flow Form FF15 Pirelli P Zero


As we can see, HRE’s Flow Form line up mixes very well with the Porsche 991’s body styling in various different ways. From classic styling to sporty, aggressive vibes, the Flow Form line covers it all.

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