The Audi TT is one of the make’s most iconic coupes to date, and the TT RS only raises the bar from there. With body lines that excite and power figures to match, the 2-door rocket has matured extremely well over the years. The current generation TT RS, the Mk3, is the latest iteration in the lineup and by far the most robust. It pushes 400hp out of is 2.5L 5-cylinder engine (a key part to the car’s fame) to adaptive suspension that assists the driver to seamlessly transition from “spirited driver” to “daily commuter”. The TT RS is tuned so well from the factory, in fact, that there isn’t much left that one can improve on that Audi hasn’t already thought of a package for.

Well, except wheels, that is. Let’s be honest.

Pressure, Heat, Molds, oh my! 

The Mk3 TT RS comes with 18 and 19 inch cast wheels, and 20 inch forged wheels. The key difference between these pairings (besides size) is the manufacturing process. Cast wheels are manufactured by pouring molten aluminum into a mold, and the aluminum cools to shape. Forged wheels can be formed a few different ways, but all of them include a solid block of billet aluminum that is subject to extremely high temperature and pressure to form the wheel. The most common of these methods is machine forging, which applies these high temperatures and pressures to the billet, forming a compressed, stronger billet block. From there, the billet is cut to shape.

The cast vs forged argument has been going back-and-forth since there was a choice between the two. Cast wheels are cost effective, but heavier; forged wheels are more lighter and stronger, but at a much higher price tag. So, where does this leave those who want to upgrade from cast wheels, but avoid draining the bank for forged?

Proper Form

In between casting and forging exists flow forming – a manufacturing process that produces wheels stronger and lighter than cast, at a price point that is lower than forged wheels. One of the leaders of the flow forming industry is HRE FlowForm wheels, pairing unique and sexy styling with industry-leading manufacturing to offer a quality, high performing wheel at a fair price.

The MK3 TT RS’s 19″ factory wheels weigh in at 27.77lbs (12.6kgs), which is surprisingly heavy for a sports coupe. On this TT RS, the customer opted for squared 20×9″ et35 set of HRE FF01s. At 20″, the HREs weigh in at 25.8lbs (11.7kgs)! Not only did we upsize the wheels, the FF01s also reduced unsprung weight across the car,  while offering stronger wheels that perform better than the factory cast models.

And, of course, they look damn good while they’re at it.

Earlier, we mentioned a competitive price point that flow-formed wheels have over forged wheels, and we weren’t just making that up. This 20″ FF01 set is priced at only $607.50 per wheel, totaling to a mere $2430 for the set. Compared to paying upwards of $10,000 for a set of forged wheels, this price point is an absolute steal for a wheel upgrade.

If you’re looking to step your wheel game up with a set of HRE FlowForm wheels, drop us a line! Get in touch with a Mod Expert today by calling in at (714) 582-3330 or emailing If you’re local, let us handle the install! Schedule an appointment at Mod Auto by calling (714) 582-3330 to get it done right the first time.