One of the questions our Modification Experts are frequently asked when it comes to Forgestar Wheels – and Wheels for BMW in general. The Super Deep Concave offers an extremely aggressive look which happens to look especially badass. However, as with anything aggressive for the sake of form, there are realities to deal with if you want to run this kind of super aggressive setup. Make no mistake – running Forgestar Super Deep Concaves is not for the faint of heart and is NOT the fitment we recommend for the 335i. (Skip to the end of the article for recommended fitment for BMW 335)

If you’re looking to maintain your ride quality, and most importantly, not rub, then right there, the Super Deep Concave setup is not right for you. If you don’t want to roll your fenders, run negative camber or get coilovers, the Super Deep Concave is not for you. If you’re not willing to modify your car to make these wheels work, Super Deep Concave is not for you. The Super Deep Concave on a 335 is NOT a bolt-on fitment and will require additional parts, modifications- and work – to make everything fit. For those of you not scared off by what we just dropped on you, read on.

Super Deep Concaves Are Only Available for 9.5″ Wide and Up
There are several things you need to understand before we go further. The Super Deep Concave is only available for wheels 9.5″ wide and wider, so typically you must run a 9.5″ front wheel and 11″ wide rear in order for the sizes to line up correctly. You can’t have a 7″ or 8″ wide super deep concave – it’s simply not possible. For comparison, take a look at the Semi Concave compared to a Super Deep Concave Forgestar wheel.


Super Deep Concave

forgestar-semi-deep-concave (1)

Semi Concave

You’ll Have To Run Stretched Tires
This is an aesthetic and performance concern. With a 9.5″ wide front, to clear, you’ll likely have to run a 225/35-xx series front tire and a 265/30-xx in the back – of course tire size will vary depending on what fitment you’re going with, but unfortunately you won’t be able to take advantage of the 11″ width to fit properly wide tires. If you’re not into the stretched look, you won’t be able to run the Super Deep Concaves.


You’ve Got To Get Low!
While technically you could run Forgestar super deep concaves at stock height, the car would look ridiculous at stock height with super deep concaves. It’s just silly. So, to get properly low enough for these wheels to work aesthetically, you’ll need coilovers to get properly low enough – lowering/sport springs, or god forbid, cutting your springs (please don’t cut your springs, it is never a good idea and the end result is always bad) simply won’t cut it. Several brands and variations of coilover setups are available for BMW 335 – ask a Modification Expert to recommend a setup for you for the best setup for your car.


You’ll Need Camber Caster Plates
To run the negative camber you need to allow the wheels to clear and look right, you’re going to have some serious negative camber. While you won’t be Demon-Camber status, it’ll still be significant. There’s no way around it. What’s more, when purchasing Camber Caster plates, it’s important you use a reputable, high quality product. The Camber Caster plates are supporting the entire load on the suspension of your car. Shiesty noname Camber Caster plates off eBay or whatever are often manufactured with materials that simply are not up to task – and when they fail, your dampers will come through the shock towers – and probably your hood, causing huge amounts of damage to your car – as well as a complete loss of control, should you actually be moving at speed. At ModBargains, we only offer products that satisfy our own standards of quality – we don’t recommend anything that we wouldn’t be willing to run on our own cars.

You WILL Have To Roll & Modify Your Fenders
Rolling your fenders is an absolute must to run the Super Deep Concaves – there is simply no way around it. Fender Rolling or Shaving the Inner Fenders is needed for clearance both front and rear. In addition to rolling the fenders, further modifications will probably be necessary. Many customers running this sort of a set up also have to shave down the inner fender as well as “pull” the fenders outward to make the wheels fit. If you’re not sure what Fender Rolling is or how it’s done, take a look at our blog post on the subject here.

If you’re not prepared to make these modifications, you won’t be able to run Super Deep Concave wheels front and rear. With that said, here is the most common fitment used to allow Super Deep Concaves on BMW 335i

Super Deep Concave Specs (Typical)
Front: 19 x 9.5 ET22 – 235/35/19
Rear: 19 x 11 ET25 – 265/30/19

Should these modifications prove too extreme for you, but you want to get close to that look but with far fewer compromises, our typical recommended fitment for BMW 335 can be found below.

Recommended Fitment for BMW 335

Front 19×8.5 Semi Concave ET32
Option 1: Rear 19×10 Deep Concave ET38 – 265/30/19
Option 2: Rear 19×10 Super Deep concave ET28 – 265/30/19 (Requires Rolling Fenders for lowered cars)

Semi-Concave Front, Super Deep Concave Rear on 335

We hope this information has been helpful to you and that it allows you to better understand the realities of running the great looking but incredibly aggressive Forgestar Super Deep Concave wheel setup.
If you’d like to run this sort of aggressive setup on your car, talk to Modification Expert Michael Chen – who runs a similar setup on his own car and can best advise you on how to get the right fitment on yours, but any of our Modification Experts are happy to help you. Call Michael today at 714-582-3330 x8005 or chat online on

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Story by Nicholas Gregson in Collaboration With Modification Expert Michael Chen
Photos Doug Johnson, Michael Chen