As car enthusiasts, chances are we own a car that we love driving, something that when we park and walk away we find ourselves turning our heads back. We always want to take that extra step and make it better, faster, or more noticeable. At Mod Bargains, we are always doing our best in helping our customers build their dream cars. Jerry, our recent customer, wanted his 2013 991 Porsche 911 Carrera 2 to take advantage of the performance it could be obtaining and to roar on the streets and we’ve helped him accomplish just that. Read along as we show you our process.

One of the most common upgrades our customers like to do with their Porsche’s is the exhaust. We’ve all been there, no matter how great the driving experience is, almost all factory exhaust systems leave you wanting more. Some want the full-blown full systems that really turn up the volume, while others just want that little extra exhaust note to sweeten the drive. For Jerry, he was just looking to spice things up a modest amount and decided to go with the Fabspeed Valvetronic Exhaust after speaking with our Mod Expert Casey.

After selecting an exhaust, Jerry mentioned to our Mod Expert Casey that he wanted extra power. Casey was happy to help him get an exhaust he enjoys hearing along with a bit of more power for an improved driving experience. Integrating an intake mod with your exhaust is a great way to get a little more umph out of your motor. Mod Expert Casey recommended BMC Air Filters to optimize airflow and really get the most out of the Carrera’s motor. 

Jerry selected the Fabspeed Valvetronic Exhaust system for several reasons, one of which he knew he would be experiencing a great increase in his Carrera’s sound and furthermore, solid power gains at low RPM with an enhancement in the Porsche’s engine response. Who wouldn’t love for their car to acquire extra power but at the same time a refined sound?! One of the benefits the Fabspeed Valvetronic Exhaust offers is, you have the option to open the valves to unleash an aggressive growl or you can cruise the city with a smooth refined sound all while improving your power and saving weight.

Additionally, Jerry also went with an IPD Intake Plenum for increased power output. By getting the IPD Intake Plenum Jerry is guaranteed 15+ horsepower and 14+ foot-pounds at the wheels which is a considerable amount and definitely noticeable in the seat of your pants. It’s the perfect combination to any Fabspeed Exhaust upgrades—its new design allows for smoother, less turbulent airflow resulting in impressive power and torque gains for Porsche driving enthusiasts. The IPD Intake Plenum is a direct bolt-on upgrade, unlike earlier IPD Plenums, this permits replacing the factory air intake distributor and making use of all pre-existing factory hardware and throttle body. Getting an installation like this takes about 4-5 hours.

BMC Air Filters were a good recipe for the exhaust and intake upgrades. The BMC Air Filters provide an increase in airflow and are greater than OEM air filters. Jerry knew that getting these installed will be a successor to his engines performance with consideration in mind that proper airflow is essential. With all of these extra modifications combined this will offer our customer the performance he walked in our facility for! Something that BMC Air Filters give in comparison to OEM filters is the protection from impurities and gas emissions. The high-quality materials that are used provide a more compressed seal around the filter whereas in synthetic filters they allow passage of larger debris and dirt, which no one should ever want to happen.

The entire installation was done here at our Mod Auto facility in La Habra, California. Our technician Juan made quick work of the Fabspeed Valvetronic Exhaust, IPD Intake Plenum, and BMC Air Filters. Once the installation was complete, we took the car for a test drive and could immediately hear and feel the difference. The owner was incredibly pleased with our results and is looking forward to more upgrades in the future.

If you’re interested in any of the installations Jerry received such as the Fabspeed Valvetronic Exhaust, IPD Intake Plenum or BMC Air Filters for your Porsche Carrera or any other parts for your vehicles, please reach out to one of our ModExperts at (714-582-3330 | or check out our website for more information.