Hello ModBargains family! The owner and founder of ModBargains is very excited to announce the launch of his new YouTube channel, Talking Mods. Over the past few months, Ron has been hard at work on an idea he has had and as a team, we’re happy to finally share it together, with you guys! The whole purpose of Talking Mods is similar to the reason why Ron started our company ModBargains (back in 2004), having a goal of sharing our knowledge (and expertise) so that you as fellow enthusiasts don’t make the same mistakes as we once have.

Being a car enthusiast is a great hobby but there’s a lot of information out there as well as misinformation. However, our goal is to help simplify it so we can make the best decisions for ourselves, for our own vehicles, and for our own enjoyment. Our hope is to build a better industry for which we all participate, whether behind the scenes or as consumers. I hope you guys enjoy the candid information and join us on the adventure of constantly learning and exploring the automotive aftermarket together.


Our first official episode will talk all about sponsorships and how you as a customer can potentially get one from us or other brands and companies. Who doesn’t like FREE parts for your car?! Anyways, Ron would like for each one of you to join along the journey of Talking Mods and educating each other (us included), collaborating, answering Q&As you guys might have, and covering the topics such as, 5 Best Modifications for BMW, 7 Mods You Shouldn’t Do, How Wheels Are Made, and so much more!

Please join us with our FIRST official YouTube release titled:

5 Ways To Get A Car Sponsorship (The Secrets to FREE PARTS!?)