It’s often hard to find that perfect spec on the lot at the dealership and this is a common issue that many BMW owners face. BMW is notorious for its plethora of add on trim levels such as the ever so popular M-sport option. One of the most noticeable differences on M-sport equipped models is the aero kit which makes a huge impact on how the car looks. Let’s just say you’re an owner of a BMW 4 series and find yourself asking, how could I potentially make my car have an improved look? Well, we have the perfect solution with the M-sport style bumper conversions and some carbon fiber aero pieces!
BMW-435i-Stock-ConversionBMW-435i-Getting-Front-BumperJoseph, the owner of this 435i came to us for just that! He wanted to transform the tame standard look of his car and came to Mod for an M-sport style front bumper and M-sport style rear bumper conversion as well as some additional carbon fiber pieces to give his car more flare. For those who are local to us here in Southern California, we offer both paint and installation services at our shop Mod Auto.BMW-435i-M-Sport-Style-Front-Bumper

Pictured above is our technician Juan working on fitting the 435i’s front bumper. Joseph wanted to not only upgrade to the M-sport package, but also wanted to give it that extra flare to outshine even other M-Sports on the road, and we don’t blame him for that. Our Sr. Mod Expert Kevin assisted Joseph in picking out upgrades that made the most sense to him and his car. Since we were working on both the front and rear M-sport bumper upgrades, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect to add a carbon fiber front lip splitter performance style, carbon fiber rear diffuser performance style, and carbon fiber trunk spoiler performante style V2 while the car was all taken apart.

BMW-435i-Carbon-Fiber-Front-LipAfter removing and placing the M-Sport Style Front and M-Sport Style Rear Bumper, our technician followed up by adding a Carbon Fiber Front Lip Performance Style that Joseph had requested. This front lip will not only give Joseph improved aesthetics of his car but more importantly, it reduces airflow and protects his newly installed front bumper. It becomes subtle mods like a front lip or diffuser that give your car (or any) more benefits and a fully completed look that we all enjoy and appreciate seeing.

BMW-435i-Carbon-Fiber-Rear-DiffuserAs you can see above, Joseph made the right decision by getting a carbon fiber rear diffuser performance style installed in addition to its visual enhancement it also compliments his AWE Tuning cat-back exhaust with 102mm diamond black tips, which our Mod Expert Kevin runs the same setup on his personal car, pretty awesome! Only several drivers that obtain these carbon fiber add-ons will take their car to the track and that’s completely fine. Sometimes we just want to add a little bit of carbon fiber in our lives and our carbon fiber rear diffuser performance style will do just that, along with adding more spice to your car’s rear end. BMW-435i-Carbon-FIber-Trunk-SpoilerBMW-435i-Carbon-Fiber-Trunk-Spoiler-2


Additionally, installing the Performante Style V2 Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler will not only compliment your carbon fiber rear diffuser but you will begin your journey standing out from the masses. Its design is subtle but recognizable and will boost the appearance of your rear end! 

Without question you can add an M-Sport Style Bumper along with a carbon fiber lip but what other options would you want to include to set yourself apart from the rest? Our customer decided that implementing a carbon fiber rear diffuser performance style and performante style V2 carbon fiber trunk spoiler would give his car the full completed look he came in for and we’re happy to say we fulfilled that for him. If that isn’t enough for you then, of course, there are plenty of other mods we offer and can install for you such as, side skirts or maybe you want to give your mirrors a bit more flair with carbon fiber mirror covers. We have a wide range of options for you to choose from!
So now you’re probably thinking of adding these mods to your car, or maybe something such as power or different wheels. We’d love to get you started here at Mod Bargains and make your vision become a reality just like we did for our customer Joseph. His car came in almost completely stock, now look at it! The M-Sport Conversion with a little carbon fiber sprinkled in really transformed this 435i.Our highly trained and experienced Mod Experts will be more than happy to assist you in deciding which mods can best fit your car. To reach our general Mod Expert line call (714) 582-3330 or email We also have live chat available at during normal business hours.