BMW M3 Touring

A few weeks ago BMW finally announced their long-awaited BMW M3 G81 (Touring). Yes, we know after all these years they finally decided to produce an M3 wagon. We can ramble on with what the M3 Touring will offer its customers but you’ve probably read that elsewhere. What we are going to tell you is the answer to a very important question the US was asking instantly after BMW’s announcement. BMW M3 Touring Render

BMW M3 Touring Rendering 2

Will the BMW M3 Touring make an entrance to the United States?

As American BMW enthusiasts, the majority of us can come to an agreement that we’ve been praying for an M3 wagon, right? With their announcement, we’ve also probably jumped out of our seats when we were scrolling through our Instagram feed and realized BMW’s new post, “Mic Drop” with an image that teases the rear of a brand new BMW M finishing off with the hashtags #M3 #TOURING. What a day! Sure, what a day for everyone but people who live in the U.S. because unfortunately, the BMW M3 Touring will not be available to customers who reside in the States.

Do you remember reading through BMW’s website when they announced the M3 G81 and started by saying, “Never say never”? Well, a man known as Kian A. strongly believes in “never say never” so far that he has started a petition on to bring the BMW M3 Touring into the States. Do we think this will work? While we understand it, it’s a long shot and the chances are relatively slim but if it does, awesome! 

We’ll continue to monitor how well the Audi RS 6 Avant will do in the States. Its starting price was at $100,000 and it’s already sold out. Perhaps some BMW customers will jump ship to Audi in the near future. BMW shouldn’t want to leave more than 3,000 voters hanging, with some customers ready to place their deposits. Until then, we’ll have to carry on with sitting patiently and begging BMW for an M3 Touring. If you find yourself being someone that wants it as bad as Kian, feel free to sign the petition. Do you think there’s a possibility BMW executives will dive into the US Market with their 2020 BMW M3 Touring? Let us know!