A few weeks back Kyle M from the CTS-V Owners group on Facebook stopped by the shop to get his CTS-V dropped a bit lower. When it comes to dropping the CTS-V. we’re big fans of Eibach Pro-Kit Springs for CTS-V – our Co-Founder Mike runs a set in his own CTS-V and a few months back, we fitted Hunter Swift’s CTS-V with a set of Eibach Springs for his Cadillac CTS-V Suspension.


As we’ve said before, the Eibach Springs for Cadillac CTS-V give this platform the perfect amount of drop – the great look you want is achieved, the handling is improved and the ride quality isn’t significantly degraded. Sr Mod Expert Elliott Goodman recommended this choice of spring.

We haven’t actually seen that many CTS-Vs in this dark gray metallic, and the car looks incredibly sharp with it. Though the car’s exterior is actually mostly stock, blacking out a few details gives the car a lot more visual edge, including blacked out wheels and smoked headlights and tail lights lend to the shadowy look of the car, giving it an almost ghostly, ethereal presence.


We’ll let the photos speak for themselves from here – enjoy the pics!gray-cts-v-eibach-lowering-springs-008 gray-cts-v-eibach-lowering-springs-005 gray-cts-v-eibach-lowering-springs-006 gray-cts-v-eibach-lowering-springs-009 gray-cts-v-eibach-lowering-springs-010

I really enjoyed shooting this sharp CTS-V and hope we keep seeing more V’s in the future.

Want to mod your Cadillac or want to know what CTS-V mods are out there and what they do? Talk to our team of Mod Experts – like Sr. Mod Expert Elliott Goodman who helped out Kyle ordering this set of springs, or heck, you can even talk to Cofounder Mike himself by calling us at 714-582-3330 (x8009 for Elliott) or chat live on to get expert advice on your build or schedule your install today.

Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed the photos.

Story & Photos by Nicholas Gregson