Porsche_987.2_Cayman_S_Ruger_Mesh_MatteBlack_20in_Springs_Exhaust-35The other day we couldn’t help but notice this gorgeous Porsche Cayman S in the shop. Already sporting a few choice mods – like a great set of wheels, lowered suspension and an upgraded exhaust system, the mid engined Porsche was in need of an alignment. When you lower your car – either with springs or coilovers – the suspension will need to be realigned in order to ensure ideal performance as well as to prevent wearing out your tires prematurely. You’ll typically need an alignment around 4-7 days after installing your springs or coilovers to allow the suspension to settle back into its normal position.

Porsche_987.2_Cayman_S_Ruger_Mesh_MatteBlack_20in_Springs_Exhaust-41Here at the ModAuto shop, we have a flush-with-the-floor alignment rack – ideal for lowered cars and performance vehicles – paired with a precision Hunter Alignment system. Porsche_987.2_Cayman_S_Ruger_Mesh_MatteBlack_20in_Springs_Exhaust-42

Porsche_987.2_Cayman_S_Ruger_Mesh_MatteBlack_20in_Springs_Exhaust-33Though our rack is flush with the floor and our equipment state of the art, we offer 4-wheel alignments here from just $119 as of press time – and unlike most alignment places out there, we won’t charge you more because you’re lowered. (Need alignment? Call 714-582-3330 to make an appointment or Click Here to use our Online Appointment Scheduler Tool)

After we aligned the Cayman, we took the car back outside to grab a few photos of this black beauty.


Matte Black 20×8.5 / 20×11 Wheels / 235/30-20 / 275/30-20 Tires / H&R Sport Springs

Let’s take a moment to appreciate why this particular Cayman looks as good as it does – it sure as hell didn’t leave Stuttgart looking like this. First, the rather cheesy factory 987 Porsche Cayman Wheels have been replaced with a handsome set of Matte Black Ruger Mesh Wheels for Porsche in a 20×8.5 / 20×11 fitment, paired with a set of 235/30-20 / 275/30-20 tires. The wheels and tires often are lighter than the factory wheels, offer wider fitments (meaning wider tires) and also happen to have a huge visual impact on your car. The Cayman’s not a big vehicle, so two 20-inch wide chunks of eyeball real-estate is pretty significant.


Matte Black 20×8.5 / 20×11 Wheels / 235/30-20 / 275/30-20 Tires / H&R Sport Springs

What’s more, the Matte Black finish on the split 7-spoke Mesh wheels compliments the black paint and emblems on the Cayman S, giving the car a handsome and aggressive dynamic. The other thing is these cars look silly at the factory ride height, and that’s 987 Porsche Cayman Suspension has also addressed here.


Matte Black 20×8.5 / 20×11 Wheels / 235/30-20 / 275/30-20 Tires / H&R Sport Springs

With the excess wheelgap eliminated and sitting on a set of gorgeous wheels, the Cayman looks as ol’ Ferry intended. Giving this Cayman S a subtle drop is a set of H&R Sport Springs for Cayman, which brings down the front end by 1.4in and the rear by 1.2in for a very noticeable drop.


Matte Black 20×8.5 / 20×11 Wheels / 235/30-20 / 275/30-20 Tires / H&R Sport Springs

The drop in ride height still leaves enough wheelgap to retain plenty of clearance for driving around, so you won’t be gritting your teeth over every speedbump like the slammed hellaflush kids.


Matte Black 20×8.5 / 20×11 Wheels / 235/30-20 / 275/30-20 Tires / H&R Sport Springs

The side profile of the car is positively breathtaking.


Matte Black 20×8.5 / 20×11 Wheels / 235/30-20 / 275/30-20 Tires / H&R Sport Springs

Here’s a straight-on view of the side profile. The rake of the car is perfect front to rear, and the bright red accent of the calipers adds a little spice amongst all the black.


Adding more flair to the rear of the car, this Porsche Cayman Exhaust has been upgraded as well – the polished stainless mufflers gleam through the openings in the rear bumper, and two larger diameter sport exhaust tips of the Fabspeed Maxflo Exhaust for Porsche Cayman/Boxster now occupy the space where the chintzy stock tips once were.


The larger diameter tips of the Fabspeed Maxflo Exhaust for Cayman fill the opening in the bumper more fully and protrude farther for a less restrained look, and the high flow mufflers not only yield a satisfying exotic-car sound, but also offer the perks of weight reduction and more horsepower and torque.


The lighter weight mufflers are a full 10lbs lighter than the factory system, shaving weight from aft of the rear axle for better balance.
Porsche_987.2_Cayman_S_Ruger_Mesh_MatteBlack_20in_Springs_Exhaust-20 The polished tips of the Fabspeed Maxflo Exhaust compliment the aesthetics of the rear and creates a higher-end look, appropriate for the car.



Matte Black 20×8.5 / 20×11 Wheels / 235/30-20 / 275/30-20 Tires / H&R Sport Springs

Though it may have just been here for an alignment, this Cayman S showcases just what these cars can be when you just change a few of the right details. A great set of wheels and tires and a drop is the perfect place to start and offers a satisfying change you’ll appreciate every time you look at the car.


We hope you enjoyed the photos, thanks for joining us!

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Story & Photos Nicholas Gregson