When we first laid eyes on this set of HRE Performance Wheels Flow Form FF01 wheels in custom Gold powdercoat, we knew this was going to be a special fitment. The vehicle to match finally came in for the install, so we had to take a few photos to immortalize this unique application for HRE FF01 Wheels.

Camaro_Gen5_HRE_FF01_20x9_20x10-5 The wheels for Camaro the car came in wearing was a less-than-pleasing set of aftermarket wheels, so the HRE Flow Form wheels for Camaro were a major improvement.Camaro_Gen5_HRE_FF01_20x9_20x10-7Of course, with a premium wheel like HRE, you can’t have a garbage tire – so a set of NITTO Invo tires were just what the doctor ordered, spec’d out in 275/40-20 up front and 295/35-20 in the rear to keep all that LS3 power going to the ground.
After getting the car outside in the sunlight, the Gold Powdercoat finish really pops in the SoCal sunshine.Camaro_Gen5_HRE_FF01_20x9_20x10-10 Camaro_Gen5_HRE_FF01_20x9_20x10-13
Camaro_Gen5_HRE_FF01_20x9_20x10-23 Camaro_Gen5_HRE_FF01_20x9_20x10-25 Camaro_Gen5_HRE_FF01_20x9_20x10-27Half the point of a set of wheels is how they look in motion, so we took the opportunity to snag a few quick rolling shots.


Camaro_Gen5_HRE_FF01_20x9_20x10-32We were blown away by just how big of a difference a set of HRE Performance Wheels can make in the appearance of a Gen 5 Camaro.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson