“Wow”. Dan Eaton was blown away by the finished product last friday after bringing his F30 BMW 328i M-Sport in to the shop at Mod Auto to have a suite of modifications recommended by Sr. Mod Expert Alan Wei installed. The car really made quite the transformation from plain-jane stock 328i to the classy yet aggressive package you see here. It took several key modifications here to make the look possible for Dan, and it couldn’t have been done without Alan’s help.


First up was a set of Forgestar F14 Wheels for BMW F30, Gunmetal, spec’d out at  19×8.5 up front and 19×10 out back, with Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2 Rubbers – staggered at 245/35-19 / 275/30-19. When it comes to BMW F30 Wheels, it’s hard to do better than the F14.



To give this car the enhanced performance deserving of the M-Sport nomenclature, we installed a BMW M Performance Big Brake Kit for F30, which replaces the OEM brake calipers and rotors completely, both front and rear, with a set of Brembo Brakes Calipers – 4-Piston Calipers up front and 2-Piston calipers in the rear, paired with Cross-Drilled/Grooved vented, oversized rotors to bring this F to a stop quicker than you can say that four letter f-word aloud. The calipers were yellow, one of three options for this kit – we didn’t know for sure how it would all go together but Alan assured us that all put together it would look killer.

Of course, with performance brakes you can’t leave the brake fluid alone, so the brake fluid was flushed and replaced with Motul RBF600 Brake Fluid to allow maximum performance from the new oversized brakes.

BMW_F30_328i_Msport_Forgestar_F14_GM_BMWBBK_REMUS_Black_Quad_exh_img028 BMW_F30_328i_Msport_Forgestar_F14_GM_BMWBBK_REMUS_Black_Quad_exh_img026 BMW_F30_328i_Msport_Forgestar_F14_GM_BMWBBK_REMUS_Black_Quad_exh_img025

Looking over everything included, we were impressed by how thorough the Big Brake conversion was, but as you’d expect of any Genuine OEM BMW Performance Part, installation and fitment was perfect.


Out back, the OEM Single Exit exhaust left a lot to be desired, which is why a Remus Axle Back Exhaust for BMW 328i, spec’d out with optional Quad Tips – in Black Chrome – was such a huge aesthetic upgrade. The Remus muffler is significantly lighter than stock, offering a performance increase by way of weight reduction and reduced exhaust restriction – not to mention the cosmetic aspect!

BMW_F30_328i_Msport_Forgestar_F14_GM_BMWBBK_REMUS_Black_Quad_exh_img018 The black chrome quad tips on this Remus Exhaust for F30 looked especially sharp – it’s worth noting that this system is also available in Cat-Back and Turbo-Back form as well.

The OEM BMW M-Sport Rear Diffuser for F30 doesn’t allow for a dual exit exhaust in this form, however Remus provides a template, which allows us to cut out two perfectly even exhaust openings exactly the right size for the new Black Chrome quad exhaust.BMW_F30_328i_Msport_Forgestar_F14_GM_BMWBBK_REMUS_Black_Quad_exh_img018xx

BMW_F30_328i_Msport_Forgestar_F14_GM_BMWBBK_REMUS_Black_Quad_exh_img022 BMW_F30_328i_Msport_Forgestar_F14_GM_BMWBBK_REMUS_Black_Quad_exh_img023 BMW_F30_328i_Msport_Forgestar_F14_GM_BMWBBK_REMUS_Black_Quad_exh_img024 BMW_F30_328i_Msport_Forgestar_F14_GM_BMWBBK_REMUS_Black_Quad_exh_img020

With Dan’s car back on the ground, we could finally take a step back and appreciate the transformation that had taken place. As Dan said, “WOW.”

BMW_F30_328i_Msport_Forgestar_F14_GM_BMWBBK_REMUS_Black_Quad_exh_img005 BMW_F30_328i_Msport_Forgestar_F14_GM_BMWBBK_REMUS_Black_Quad_exh_img006 BMW_F30_328i_Msport_Forgestar_F14_GM_BMWBBK_REMUS_Black_Quad_exh_img007

The contrast of the yellow BMW M Performance Big Brake Kit peeking out from behind the gloss gunmetal Forgestar F14s looks incredible when paired with the car’s light silver finish – when you look at all the components apart, it seems crazy, but when you see it all put together-  it just WORKS.BMW_F30_328i_Msport_Forgestar_F14_GM_BMWBBK_REMUS_Black_Quad_exh_img008 BMW_F30_328i_Msport_Forgestar_F14_GM_BMWBBK_REMUS_Black_Quad_exh_img010 BMW_F30_328i_Msport_Forgestar_F14_GM_BMWBBK_REMUS_Black_Quad_exh_img009 BMW_F30_328i_Msport_Forgestar_F14_GM_BMWBBK_REMUS_Black_Quad_exh_img011 BMW_F30_328i_Msport_Forgestar_F14_GM_BMWBBK_REMUS_Black_Quad_exh_img012

We managed to finish all the big stuff with enough time to debadge the car as well – notice the lack of the 328i badging to throw off the car’s clean, uncluttered aesthetic.BMW_F30_328i_Msport_Forgestar_F14_GM_BMWBBK_REMUS_Black_Quad_exh_img013 BMW_F30_328i_Msport_Forgestar_F14_GM_BMWBBK_REMUS_Black_Quad_exh_img014
 All in all, over just a few hours this 328i really turned into something special and the end result speaks for itself.

Dan’s considering MAYBE lowering the car next, and a set of Painted Front Reflectors for F30, but really, this 428i doesn’t need much else to be a damn fine daily driver and the Big Brake Kit gives it the performance cred to back up the promises made by the more aggressive look. Either way, we hope to see Dan and his F30 again on the streets soon. Big shoutout to Sr. Mod Expert Alan Wei for making this build a reality and for providing Dan with great service.

Interested in modding your BMW? Talk to the Mod Experts – 714-582-3330 (x8006 for Alan) – call on us from advice to just ordering or scheduling an install, we’re here to help you with our experience, expertise and enthusiasm.

Thanks for joining us, see you next time!

Story & Photos Nick Gregson