This unique JDM/VIP Style E46 BMW M3 really made an impression a few weeks ago when it Gio M brought this red-eyed demon in to see Sr Mod Expert Elliott to get this beastie fresh blood, thanks to an oil change with Motul. We’ve talked about the benefits of a TRUE synthetic that actually satisfies the definition of “Synthetic Motor Oil” like Motul before and talked about Motul Oil Changes for E9X – Our Motul BMW S54 Oil Change Kit included everything necessary.


“But my BMW recommends Castrol, isn’t that good enough?”
With different requirements and standards for certification, certain oil manufacturers pay the automakers millions of dollars to be the ‘Approved oil of choice’ for their brand of autos, but that doesn’t mean other oils can’t be used.
As long as the oil you are using meets the certification standard, that means that have passed the tests needed to be considered “approved for use with” that particular vehicle.

But Isn’t all Synthetic Oil the same?
Yes and NO, the key difference that takes it from a C grade to an A, or a tier 3 to a tier 1, are the detergents added to the oil.  Motul’s blend of detergents added to its oil formulations is considered the highest tier possible, giving it an A rating – whereas the more common store brands, while also synthetic, score a C, if they even meet the certification requirements. That’s the critical difference between these different brands and that difference in quality is what you are paying for – these are just a few of the many reasons to look more closely at the oil you use. (Read More about Oil here)

This BMW was really something else – the E46 Wheels were long gone, instead a set of what look to be genuine VOLK wheels help create a low, JDM touring-car inspired look, the Carbon Fiber CSL Style Diffuser for E46 BMW M3 is paired with a custom made rear diffuser that compliments the massive rear spoiler.
BMW_E46_M3_TrackCar_Volk_TE37SL_APR-9 Up front, a 1-Piece Carbon Fiber Front Lip for BMW E46 M3 gives the front end an “Almost CSL” kind of appearance.BMW_E46_M3_TrackCar_Volk_TE37SL_APR-3 Here’s a closer shot with more detail.BMW_E46_M3_TrackCar_Volk_TE37SL_APR-11

The Carbon Fiber Rear Spoiler for BMW E46 had quite a bit more detail than just a blade.BMW_E46_M3_TrackCar_Volk_TE37SL_APR-14 This M3 sports the SMG gearbox, which goes with the VIP Style Cupholder/Ashtray fitted to the glovebox.BMW_E46_M3_TrackCar_Volk_TE37SL_APR-16 The VOLK TE37 wheels really look stunning on the E46.
BMW_E46_M3_TrackCar_Volk_TE37SL_APR-19 This rear end shouts “I mean business” with unrestrained stylistic aggression.

After we wrapped up the oil change, we took the M3 outside to get a good look at it in daylight.

The “Demon Eyes” give the front end an extremely sinister look.BMW_E46_M3_TrackCar_Volk_TE37SL_APR-28 BMW_E46_M3_TrackCar_Volk_TE37SL_APR-30 We got the black beast back out in the sun and man did it gleam.BMW_E46_M3_TrackCar_Volk_TE37SL_APR-32 BMW_E46_M3_TrackCar_Volk_TE37SL_APR-33
BMW_E46_M3_TrackCar_Volk_TE37SL_APR-35 BMW_E46_M3_TrackCar_Volk_TE37SL_APR-36 BMW_E46_M3_TrackCar_Volk_TE37SL_APR-37


All told, Gio’s put together one incredibly unique and rather sinister looking E46 BMW M3 and with fresh Motul Oil in the motor, he’s good to go for the summer ahead.

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Story & Photos Nicholas Gregson