It’s not often we get to modify a BMW 335d, which is a shame because by all accounts, the 335d is a riot to drive with enough torque to move a bloody mountain. This particular example rolled in to see Sr. Mod Expert Alan Wei about getting a nice drop on the diesel sport sedan. Alan knew exactly what’d fit the bill for what this customer had in mind for the car and set up the install.


Someone buying a diesel likely does so because they’re a practical person, and surprisingly, installing a set of coilovers can be a really practical option.
As we’ve said before, it takes the same amount of time to install a set of coilovers as it does a set of lowering springs. And as we’ve also said before, the OEM shock absorbers of most BMW E90s are long-done by now, meaning they need to be replaced anyways. So when you want to lower a BMW E90 3-series suspension, a set of coilovers is a surprisingly practical option, as was the case on this BMW E90 335d.
BMW_E90_328i_Solo-Werks_Coilovers_ (3)

A complete spring and shock package will set you back at least half a grand, and available for just $599, a set of Solo-Werks S1 Coilovers for BMW E90 3-Series Sedan with a set of fixed shocks custom-tuned by Solo-Werks engineers for the E90 platform is a bloody steal.

Manufactured and spec’d out by former KW Engineers, Solo-Werks coilovers are aimed exclusively at the enthusiast, set at a extremely affordable pricepoint with quality components with no extra frills or fancy marketing. Just plain and simple affordable quality parts.
BMW_E90_328i_Solo-Werks_Coilovers_ (1)


Given the fact that installation for a set of Coilovers on a 3-series at the ModAuto install shop is exactly the same price as a set of springs and shocks, they’re economical on the install as well. (Click here to schedule Installation for your BMW E90 springs or coilovers at our Install facility in La Habra, CA) Our techs have done so many E9X coilover installs that we’re able to do them pretty quickly without making an error.BMW_E90_328i_Solo-Werks_Coilovers_ (9)

Here’s how the 335d looks on the OEM wheels with the Solo-Werks S1 Coilovers installed.BMW_E90_328i_Solo-Werks_Coilovers_ (7)


Even with the OEM wheels, the drop really adds a lot of character to the E90 BMW 335d.BMW_E90_328i_Solo-Werks_Coilovers_ (6)

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson