The F01/F02 BMW 7-Series is a menacing vehicle to begin with, especially a black one. This is a long-wheelbase 7-series, an F02 BMW 750LI, came into the shop today to take its aesthetic from intimidating to downright


Senior Modification Expert Elliott Goodman recommended that the owner of this F02 lower his BMW 7-Series Suspension with a set of H&R Springs for F02 750LI – with the 7-series it’s not a conventional spring setup, as the rear is fitted with a self-levelling air ride system. Fortunately the boffins at H&R solved that problem with a set of clever brackets that drop the ride height in the rear to match the front.


With the dropped ride height, black wheels, black paint and black tinted windows, this F02 looks about ready to cart Yakuza or Triad top brass around in style (we only say those two because let’s be honest, the Italian mafioso use Lincolns)
bmw-f01-750LI-black-hr-lowering-springs-brackets-elliott-cust-img008 bmw-f01-750LI-black-hr-lowering-springs-brackets-elliott-cust-img007 bmw-f01-750LI-black-hr-lowering-springs-brackets-elliott-cust-img006 bmw-f01-750LI-black-hr-lowering-springs-brackets-elliott-cust-img005
Sitting low as it is, this 750LI looks meaner than hell – and definitely compliments the styling of the car. As these photos prove, just a drop can make all the difference on certain cars, this 7er on H&R Springs being a prime example.

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Story by Nicholas Gregson in Collaboration with Senior Modification Expert Elliott Goodman
Photos by Nicholas Gregson