At, we don’t limit our enthusiasm to just a few makes of vehicles. This Jeep Wrangler Sports Unlimited is proof of that.


Mod Expert James is our newest addition to the Modification Experts Team, is our expert in the Jeep world. He has helped the owner of this JKU enter the modding world. jeep-wrangler-sports-unlimited-teraflex-hutchinson-1

Contrary to popular belief, Jeeps don’t look like this right out of the factory. They take a good amount of modding and extensive research to get to this point. Fortunately for us, Mod Expert James has the expertise and the experience to recommend a great setup for virtually any Jeep. jeep-wrangler-sports-unlimited-teraflex-hutchinson-5

The first noticeable mod is the lift (a literal opposite of the drops we are used to seeing here).  jeep-wrangler-sports-unlimited-teraflex-hutchinson-9

This Wrangler Sports Unlimited is lifted on a Jeep JK Teraflex 3″ Lift kit with Shocks, giving the owner more clearance for those off road excursions. This 3″ lift will give this Jeep JK more articulation off-road as well. While not as stable as the more complex Long Arm 3″ Lift from Teraflex, this is a great budget lift option.


And there’s no point in going off-road if you don’t have the proper wheels and tires. This is where the Hutchinson Rock Monster Wheels come into play. jeep-wrangler-sports-unlimited-teraflex-hutchinson-3

These wheels are the civilian 4×4 application of Hutchinson’s military contracted wheels, made from high quality aluminum for extra strength. Wrap those wheels up in some 37×13.5″ Toyo Open Country Mud Terrain tires, and this monster is ready for anything. jeep-wrangler-sports-unlimited-teraflex-hutchinson-4

With a special beadlock, these Hutchinson Rock Monster wheels for Jeep can actually be deflated down to 5psi, creating extreme areas of contact with whatever this JKU needs to climb over. jeep-wrangler-sports-unlimited-teraflex-hutchinson-10

Not only is this a clean and good looking setup, but it is also very functional and ready for some off road fun.


We look forward to having more vehicles like this Jeep Wrangler Sports Unlimited come in for some modding, as we are always looking to share our broad range of expertise, experience, and enthusiasm with the automotive community. Check out our selection of parts available for Jeeps here! Keep an eye out on our website, as we will be looking to add more Jeep products. Check out our selection of Jeep JK parts by clicking here. Call 714-582-3330, extension 8013 to speak to Off-Road Modification Expert James, or speak with any of our Modification Experts. No matter what you’re building your Jeep to do, we’ve got the knowhow to recommend the right parts for what you want to do.