Mod Expert Blake recently helped Gene, owner of this Pontiac G8 owner out with a set of wheels for Pontiac that were perfect for his G8. Gene’s G8 was already fairly modded out, but it was missing something – the right set of wheels to finish off the package.Pontiac_G8_VMR_V710_19x85_19x95_Hyper_Silver_Gene_blakecust-6

“I asked Blake at ModBargains for the best offset in stock for G8 to run 285-series tires. I had 20in Camaro SS rims, but roads in NJ are tough and I wanted more rubber between the rim and the ground, but I did not want to wait or pay for custom wheels.”

While Pontiacs and BMWs share the same 5×120 bolt pattern, the offsets are going to be different between a BMW, a Camaro and a G8 – and that’s where the Experience of our team of Mod Experts like Blake comes into play.

“It was great dealing with Blake at Mod-bargains. He was on top of everything and in constant communication.”


This 2009 Sport Red Pontiac G8 already has some nice go-fast goodies under the hood, including a Roto-Fab Cold Air Intake feeding a Ported Throttle Body, and exhaust gases are fired through a set of Long Tube Headers mated to a Borla Exhaust for Pontiac G8.


The engine isn’t the only thing modded, either. Waking the motor up further is a custom ECU Tune for Pontiac G8, which all together translates to 355 horses reaching the ground on a notoriously-low-reading Mustang Dyno (there’s a reason Mustang dynos are nicknamed “the heartbreaker”). Gene estimates output is somewhere around 415 crank horsepower.Pontiac_G8_VMR_V710_19x85_19x95_Hyper_Silver_Gene_blakecust-5

The car sits low on a set of Eibach Springs for Pontiac G8, which is a brilliant compliment to the DBA Brake Rotors for Pontiac G8.


The drop offered by the Eibach springs for Pontiac G8 really sets of the new wheels – Mod Expert Blake recommended a fitment for a set of VMR Wheels. Blake recommended VMR Wheels V710 in 19×8.5 ET35 / 19×9.5 ET45, wrapped in Continental DWS 255/35-19 and 285/30-19 tires – you might also notice the MGP Caliper Covers for Pontiac peeking out from behind the VMRs too.

The fitment Blake recommended worked out well, Gene had this to say about “rub”:

“No rubbing with me in car. I believe if I have 2 in rear they could rub slightly on road dips, though.”Pontiac_G8_VMR_V710_19x85_19x95_Hyper_Silver_Gene_blakecust-3The overall package of VMR wheels with the Eibach drop and the MGP Caliper Covers all working together to create a clean, streamlined look.

With a little help from Blake, Gene has built one slick looking super-sedan that’s ready to go picking fights with ze Germans.Pontiac_G8_VMR_V710_19x85_19x95_Hyper_Silver_Gene_blakecust-1

We love the look Gene’s created and can’t wait to see what direction he takes the build next – because if there’s one thing that’s true of every project car, is that it’s never truly “done” – what we can tell you for sure though is Gene has put together a potent package that’s so clean, it’s almost how Pontiac should’ve sold the car here in the first place.

Special thanks to Blake for excellent service and a special thank you to Gene for allowing us to share his build with you.

Interested in getting more power out of your G8 or GTO, or just want a new set of wheels? Give the Mod Experts like Blake a call at 714-582-3330 (x8011 for Blake), chat live at or skype with Blake (Skype: ModBargainsBlake) to find out what we can do for your ride.

Story: Nick Gregson
Photos Courtesy Gene