Last year we hosted 86 Day 2014, drawing well over 100 Scion FR-S, Subaru BRZs to celebrate the classic AE86 – the spirit of pure, RWD driving enjoyment. We’re back for 2015 and this year was just as much a success as last.



This year we had some help supporting the event, our friends from Injen Technology, ARK Performance, R1 Concepts and Continental Tire with 3M Automotive Wrap all contributed some great prizes to give away to FR-S fanatics at our -free- 86-Day raffle.

 Our raffle this year offered the following:
INJEN SP1230P Intake – Polished Intake for FRS/BRZ
ARK Performance – QTY 2 sets of lowering springs for FR-S/BRZ
R1 Concepts – Set of rotors for FRS/BRZ
Continental tires – $200 off any set of continental tires purchased through ModBargains
ModBargains – $50 credit towards products, 10 year anniversary t-shirt
ModBargains – $100 credit towards products, 10 year anniversary t-shirt
Mod Auto – $150 installation credit
Mod Auto – 50% off any Mod Auto Society membership

ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-5 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-6 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-9
The daddy. This is the kind of AE86 I spent my early 20s with – faded paint, slightly worn but still perfectly suited to putting a smile on your face. I had the lowly SR5 model, whereas the hatch above is a GT-S model with the twin cam 4AGE rather than the pitiful 1bbl carbureted 4A.ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-11 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-12The event hadn’t even started yet and people were already signing up for the free raffle.
ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-14 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-16
The turnout was great, and this time of year it’s still bright and clear out at 5pm, meaning that we had plenty of opportunity to get photos of the 86s in attendance.ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-17 This boosted BRZ sports an intercooler hiding behind its happy grin.ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-18If there’s one thing that I’d change on an FR-S or BRZ the minute I got it if I had one myself is the stock wheels. For whatever reason, personally the factory wheels for the FR-S/BRZ rubs me the wrong way – but Enkei RPF-1 Wheels for BRZ are one of our favorite wheels for the BRZ.
ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-19 This handsome set of Antique Bronze Avant Garde M310 Wheels for FR-S though, has to be our favorite wheel of the show. The color really makes the combo stand out.ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-21 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-22 This FR-S took a decidedly 50’s approach to customization, choosing to chrome ALL THE THINGS.
We really like the exaggerated front lip, skirts and wing on this blue Subaru BRZ rolling on a set of Yoshihara wheels.ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-29 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-30 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-31 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-33 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-34 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-36 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-38 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-39 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-41 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-43 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-44 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-46 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-47 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-48 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-49 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-51 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-52 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-53 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-54 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-55 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-56 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-57 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-61As is customary, Mike gave everyone the grand tour of our facilities, explaining all the changes and improvements we’ve made to the facility in the last year or so.
ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-62 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-65 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-68Mike explaining the revised customer lounge area and the unique features we’ve incorporated to cater to the car community – like the bar window with seating so you can watch your car and our race simulator.
ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-75 Out in the shop, Mike recaps all the expansion outside, the addition of the two new lifts, the flush-with-the-floor alignment rack and our other specialized equipment.ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-79 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-81 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-83 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-84 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-87 Naturally, it wouldn’t be 86 Day without a few AE86s in attendance, like this GT-S notch.ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-88 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-89 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-90
ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-92 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-93 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-95 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-97 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-99 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-100 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-101
ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-91 As it drew close to 8, Mike got on the PA and gathered everyone together for the raffle.ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-103 Our supporting sponsors, Injen Technology, R1 Concepts, Continental Tire & 86Fest all donated prizes to the free raffle.
Here are a few shots of our winners.IMG_0949IMG_0951IMG_0952IMG_0953IMG_0956IMG_0957IMG_0963IMG_0968IMG_0969IMG_0970IMG_0971IMG_0974IMG_0983IMG_0987ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-104Quite a few people walked away with hands full and big smiles on their faces after winning.
With the raffle over and the last of the summer sunlight fading, the 86s began to pour out onto the streets, so we set up the camera again to capture the magic.ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-107 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-108 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-109 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-110 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-111 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-112 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-113 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-114 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-116 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-117 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-119 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-120 Possibly our favorite shot.ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-125 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-126The R32 Nissan Skyline looked incredible in the last light of day.
ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-128 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-129 ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-132 As the last of the modded 86s rolled out into the night, we closed up the shop and scratched another 86 Day off the books.ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-134 Thank you to everyone who came out and we hope that you had a great time on 86 day. Thank you once again to all of our supporting sponsors, we couldn’t have done it without you.ModAuto_86day2015_AE86_FRS_BRZ-137

Thanks to everyone that came out for our 2nd 86 Day, we’ll see you guys again for the next meetup!

See you then!

Story & Photos & Video Nick Gregson
Select Photos Bryan Munoz