M3 on BC Racing HB 05S Wheels
ModBargains.com has done a lot of E92 M3s since their release. And although there have been many different styles to come through, it’s always nice to see a refreshing build. 

Enter Peter’s LeMans Blue Metallic E92 M3. This beast is on its way to being a show car with the help of the Mod Experts‘ expertise, and our collection of E92 M3 Parts

BMW_E92_M3_Remus_Full_Exhaust_BC_Coilovers_BC_Wheels_StopTech_Brakes (25)

Over the past few months, customer Peter has been gradually upgrading the brakes, suspension and finally wheels and tires of his E92 M3, creating a package that looks almost like a factory concept for the E92 M3.

The wheels Peter went with are the BC Racing HB 05S Wheels. Now the “S” isn’t for the plural, but instead it is a slightly different model than the BC Racing HB 05.

The difference between the two being which side the rivets are placed on. The “S” model puts the wheel rivets in back, so they cannot be seen when looking at the car.


Peter’s BC Racing Wheels are 19×10″ in the front…

And a staggering 19×11″ in the rear. And if you haven’t noticed, the wheels weren’t the only upgrade Peter picked up.

BMW_E92_M3_Remus_Full_Exhaust_BC_Coilovers_BC_Wheels_StopTech_Brakes (11) Giving this car an exhaust note befitting the S65 V8 under the hood is a Remus Sport/Race Exhaust System E90/E92 M3 with Carbon Fiber Street Race Style Tips and Remus Race Tubes.

BMW_E92_M3_Remus_Full_Exhaust_BC_Coilovers_BC_Wheels_StopTech_Brakes (12)

The connecting pipes and race tubes unlock every bit of horsepower to be had and create an aggressive, muscular sound.BMW_E92_M3_Remus_Full_Exhaust_BC_Coilovers_BC_Wheels_StopTech_Brakes (8) BMW_E92_M3_Remus_Full_Exhaust_BC_Coilovers_BC_Wheels_StopTech_Brakes (7)
BMW_E92_M3_Remus_Full_Exhaust_BC_Coilovers_BC_Wheels_StopTech_Brakes (4) BMW_E92_M3_Remus_Full_Exhaust_BC_Coilovers_BC_Wheels_StopTech_Brakes (3)

Peter also go a Brembo Big Brake Kit Upgrade, both front and rear sets. These rotors measure in at a massive 380mm, 30mm and 20mm larger than stock in the front and rear respectively.

BMW_E92_M3_Remus_Full_Exhaust_BC_Coilovers_BC_Wheels_StopTech_Brakes (15)

Rounding out the suspension and brake upgrades of this E92 M3 are Eibach Lowering Springs for E92 M3.

This M3 has been tastefully modded by Peter, and we can’t wait to see what’s next! Below is a full list of mods Peter has.

BMW_E92_M3_Remus_Full_Exhaust_BC_Coilovers_BC_Wheels_StopTech_Brakes (2)

Special Thanks to Peter for allowing to do this write up and get some great pictures! If you have any questions about this car, or anything mod-related, be sure to contact us via phone at 714-582-3330 or email today!

BMW_E92_M3_Remus_Full_Exhaust_BC_Coilovers_BC_Wheels_StopTech_Brakes (6)

Customer: Peter
Mod Expert: sales@modbargains.com
Car: BMW E92 M3

Mod List:

BC Racing HB 05S Wheels
Remus Sport/Race Exhaust System E90/E92 M3
 with Carbon Fiber Street Race Style Tips and Remus Race Tubes

aFe Stage 2 Intake System E9X M3
BMW E9X M3 Aluminum DCT Paddles in Gunmetal
Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Trim E9X M3 – 1×1 Weave
OEM Painted Reflectors (E90/E92/E93 M3) in LeMans Blue
Carbon Fiber Fender Grilles for BMW E9X M3
Carbon Fiber E92 M3 Type I Style Diffuser
Carbon Fiber Hood Vent Covers for E9X M3
Rogue Engineering Stud Conversion
Eibach Lowering Springs

Photos & Story by: Doug Johnson, Modbargains.com
ew Photos by Nick Gregson