This Camaro is owned by an older enthusiast, but it’s no less cool. This 2010 Generation 5 Camaro SS sports a host of upgrades that give it a one-of-a-kind look. Based on a clever silver/dark gray theme with select Chevrolet blue accents, the car is ready for show season.

Wearing a set of 19″ Forgestar F14 Wheels for Camaro, an upgraded Brembo Big Brake package peeks out from behind the spokes, giving the car more stopping power than stock and a great color accent with the calipers painted that same shade of blue.

Wearing a unique custom hood, the car has a very bespoke look – eight vents peek up from the slightly raised cowl of the hood, offering a blend of classic musclecar styling with a modern sensibility. The theme continues with matching hockey stick stripes running nose-to-door on the flanks and a central hood stripe for good measure. The car gets an even lower look than normal thanks to GM Performance Parts Full Camaro Ground Effects Kit all around, in dark grey as is the custom (For whatever reason, the GMPP ground effects are seldom painted body color, even when installed new by dealers. Despite being extremely knowledgeable about Camaros and Camaro history, I’m not sure why this is.)

Camaro-SS-2010-Forgestar-F14-Wheels-006Out back, the GM Performance Parts Camaro Diffuser integrates the exhausts beautifully into the rear fascia. A Carbon Fiber Camaro Rear Ducktail Spoiler from Anvil sits on the rear decklid, giving the car a more aggressive aesthetic. Lending to the dark accent theme, the sidemarkers, fog lamps and reverse lamps have all been blacked out and the tail lamps have been tinted darker even than the RS Tail Lamps.


While the whole car appears to be a complete cohesive package, it’s an appreciation for the details that really stands out with this Camaro. Everything is thought out and clearly well coordinated and ties together nicely.



While we didn’t have the opportunity to do more than fit this Gen 5 Camaro with a set of Forgestar Wheels, we hope this isn’t the last time we see this gray ghost.

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We hope you’ve enjoyed checking out these great photos of the car, and we’ll see you next time.

Story By Nick Gregson
Photos Doug Johnson, The Driven Lifestyle