If you own a car, you’ve probably seen Motul lubricants plenty of times – dealerships, auto parts stores, performance shops, or the ModBargains website just to name a few. You’ve probably seen it so much, in fact, that you might not have realized that Motul has a rich history contributing to synthetic oil as we know it, and is still one of the world’s leading brands in lubrication products.

But you’re just trying to find the right oil for your car; what does this mean for you?

In the beginning, there was Motul

The first Motul enterprise started in 1853, at the rise of the industrial revolution. At home in France, Motul made a name for itself by constantly harnessing new knowledge and technology to engineer oil to higher standards, for automobiles, industrial machinery, and just about anything else that required oil. Notably, Motul released the world’s first multigrade oil on the market in 1953, dubbed “Motul Century”.

In 1966, Motul built upon the Century line and developed the first-ever semi-synthetic engine oil to hit the market. A mere 5 years later, the Motul forever changed the world of motor lubricant with 300V, the first fully synthetic oil based on esters, an organic compound derived from carboxylic acid – or, to keep things simple, vegetable oils.

From there, Motul has only been furthering its drive for engineering excellence; recently, they’ve set the bar even higher with the invention of a synthetic oil specifically for hybrid cars. For machines with two wheels, four wheels, or no wheels at all, Motul has remained on the cutting edge of lubricant technology, and that innovation has found its way into the engine oil we use every day.


Since the 1950s, Motul has maintained an integral role in motorsport as an official partner or sponsor of many racing groups and events, as well as a technical partner with racing teams and OEMs including Honda HRC, Nismo, Toyota, and Subaru. Motul has had deep roots in motorbike racing for over half a century and has an entire line of 300V oil dedicated to high-performance motorbikes: the 300V Factory Line. You’ll find Motul present in motorbike races such as Isle of Man, one of the most demanding and dangerous races in the world, or MotoGP, the premier powersport race.  Motul’s presence in 4-wheel motorsport is just as prominent – participating in races such as Le Mans, IMSA, Goodwood Revival, and Dakar, some of the most demanding conditions are met with some of the highest quality lubricants.

BRASELTON, GA October 2018: Photos from IMSA 2018 Motul Petit Le Mans in Braselton, GA

335 AMOS EUGENIO (ITA), DELAUNAY SEBASTIEN (FRA),  during the Dakar 2018, Stage 1 Lima to Pisco, Peru, on january 6 – Photo Frederic Le Floc’h / DPPI

To Motul, racetracks are “the most demanding laboratories that exist”, and they’ve used their time in the lab to engineer lubricants that bring the highest performance quality to the highest performing engines. In 2011, Motul developed “Ester Core technology”, the next generation in synthetic ester-based oil, and implemented it into their 300V racing line, as well as 800V for two-stroke racing engines.

Ester Core technology provides additives in synthetic oil that are attracted to metal, thus creating a film over metal parts to retain lubrication in incredibly demanding scenarios. It’s not just a fancy name either, Ester Core has shown a 2.5+ horsepower increase in engine performance, meaning Motul oil not only gives you an edge against engine wear, but an edge against the competition as well. In situations involving extreme temperatures, unpredictable terrain, and/or inclement weather, this edge could very well be the difference between victory and defeat.

BRASELTON, GA October 2018: Photos from IMSA 2018 Motul Petit Le Mans in Braselton, GA

From the Paddock to Your Driveway

All of this racing technology sounds impressive and all, but what does it mean to you?  Chances are, like me, you don’t own a racing vehicle, nor do you commute to work via IMSA. While this is true, it’s also true that you don’t have to own a racecar to get the industry’s best for your car – Motul develops their lubricants for roadgoing vehicles in tandem with their race technology.

Motul’s Synthetic 8100 line combines specifications from all major OEM’s specifications into one product offering – for example, the 8100 X-cess caters to Volkswagen 502 00/505 00, while 8100 Eco-Nergy adheres to Nissan’s API-approved SAE 5W30, or Volvo’s VCC 95200377. Motul takes the guess work out of “what oil should I use?” Speaking of approval ratings, Motul retains European oil specifications, standards and formulas in the US market, meaning your European car will get exactly the oil it was meant to. Other brands alter their formula and standards for the US, so while your engine oil may say “Porsche C30”, it may not be the real deal. Motul ensures that your Porsche, or any other vehicle for that matter, receives the exact formula it was intended to.

What All Engines Need

The 8100 lubricant line provides the same insight and engineering that went into the acclaimed 300V – a full synthetic formula based on esters for better performance, protection, and longevity of your vehicle. Motul even made the first-ever fully synthetic oil formulated specifically for hybrid engines. The Hybrid Line offers lubrication tailored to hybrid and plug-in hybrid specifications, so the booming hybrid market can also benefit from premium engine lubrication.

Motul isn’t just a leader in engine lubrication, either. Motul has a full offering of transmission fluids, coolants, brake fluids, even an entire line of detailing products! It’s possible to spec your entire garage around the engineers that developed synthetic oil as we know it, so you can ensure all of your vehicle’s fluids uphold the same high standards.

The Top Off

So the next time you’re considering lubricants for your car, consider the company that (literally) invented synthetic oil and continues to raise the standards on vehicle lubricant performance, while adhering to OEM standards. You don’t need to drive an IMSA race car to get the industry’s highest oil standards, and choosing Motul ensures just that. Whether you’re looking for a high performing oil for your high horsepower build, or just need to get the right oil to make your engine run its best, you can’t go wrong with Motul lubricants.

If you’re interested in putting some of the industry’s best lubricants in your engine, or any other fluids that Motul might offer, don’t hesitate to drop us a line by emailing sales@modbargains.com, or calling (714) 582-3330! Our Mod Expert team is ready to help you figure out exactly what your car needs to perform its best. Need a hand with your transmission fluid, brake fluid, or oil service? Schedule an appointment at Mod Auto to get it done right the first time.