MSS is an award-winning adjustable modular suspension solution that was developed and engineered for safety, comfort, and performance. They are widely recognized for creating game-changing suspension systems for drivers who demand the utmost control over their total driving experience. The brand’s Triple Engineered Technology translates to a complete transformation of your vehicle’s handling under more spirited driving. Two active springs and three separate rates provide a much wider range of situations when driving your car to its limits, so to speak. MSS’s unique dual-stacked, triple-rated springs are manufactured by Eibach to their top of the range ERS specification, the highest quality tolerance springs available on the market.

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MSS’s latest creation sets the G8X M3 / M4 in its sightlines and strives to improve upon a chassis that is, by an almost universal margin, praised through and through. First and foremost, MSS wanted to provide an adequate lowering range to improve the car’s aesthetic. However, after arranging a two-day dealer interactive installation meeting (our owner Ron attended) for the latest MSS G80 product—feedback from the U.S network encouraged MSS’s R&D team to work hard and fast to deliver a revamped Extra Low G80 kit in 2022.MSS’s ‘Extra Lowering’ Kit will be available as a free conversion to our customers who have purchased a G80 kit pre the new SKU (02/10/22) if desired. If you’re interested in the FREE upgrade you will need to reach out to us ( | (714) 582-3330) by the end of March 2022. We will require your name along with proof of purchase as the warranty will have to change from that of a lifetime to a one-year warranty connected with the new system. MSS strives to provide the very best customer experience possible, a system with optimal control and ride, quality parts with an amazing fit, finish, warranty, and unparalleled customer service.

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