When most people think of a supercharged V6 sports coupe, they tend to gravitate towards a build centered on performance, not stance. But when John started building his Audi S5, he thought… why not both?

The Audi S5 comes from the factory with some serious giddy-up under its hood. The supercharged 3.0L V6 makes 333hp and 325 lb/ft torque, and its AWD platform means its feet are planted. The car also comes with the dual-clutch 7-speed VAG S-tronic system, meaning the woes and shortcomings of the single clutch Tiptronic are gone.

John started his S5 build guns blazing & came in for an air suspension install and Vossen wheels. He slammed it on Air Lift Performance Front/Rear Kit for B8 Audi models, managed by the Airlift 3H Air Management System. To complement the new stance, we tucked these Vossen VWS-3’s in 20×10.5″ et35 and wrapped in 275/30/20 Hankook Ventus Evo V12s. On a larger-bodied coupe, something about tucking 20’s just looks right.

Underneath the Vossens, a Stoptech 380mm bike brake kit with red 6-piston calipers help bring all of the S5’s 333 supercharged horses to a quick stop in the front.

In the rear, John’s car has been outfitted with a custom BBK kit assembled through Voshmods – one of the first rear BBKs for a car with an auxiliary E-brake.

Using Stoptech rotors and calipers, the rear kit resembles any normal rear BBK, except for the fact that it features an upgraded electronic E-brake, something that usually prevents these big brake kits from being done. This particular one was accomplished with the help of Tesla – that is, the E-brake on this kit is a factory Tesla auxiliary E-brake from Brembo that was fabricated to fit the S5’s brackets. Beyond some fab work, the kit remains completely plug-and-play with no errors or loss of functionality.

It is, however, an extremely close fit. It’s completely safe (It would take an extremely unlikely event to ever make the spokes come into contact with the calipers and damage the system), but still – this fitment is not for the faint-of-heart.

What good is a car if it looks great, but doesn’t sound great? John already had this in mind and ran with AWE Tuning Touring Edition exhaust with resonated downpipes and 102mm diamond black tips. Now the car sounds as good as it looks with that aggressive, yet tasteful (and daily-able!) exhaust note that AWE is known for.

And while we’re back there, let’s talk about that Deval rear carbon fiber diffuser. We installed this diffuser shortly after the exhaust and it makes a world of difference surrounding those diamond black tips.

Now, let’s talk performance. John purchased and installed an 034 Motorsports supercharger heat exchanger with compact fluid cooler. The supercharger heat exchanger increased the stock cooler size by 130%, and helps keep intake temperatures cooler, keeping ambient temps low and mitigating heat sink during hot Southern Californian weather. Vehicles with a dynamic steering cooler have to relocate it by installing a compact fluid cooler, like the one John purchased from 034.

After this extra cooling power, John took the car elsewhere and had it tuned to APR Stage 1 to generate more power out of that supercharged V6. Good thing he got the BBK, right?

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