forgeline-wheels-nitto-tires-unmounted-007Forgeline Motorsports is yet another wheel manufacturer we have signed up at ModBargains that offers some of the best “made to order”, forged lightweight wheels currently on the market.

For the last 20 years Forgeline has been involved in SCCA Pro Racing, World Challenge, and other race series like the American LeMans series as well. Each wheel set will be made to order with standard and optional finish options. Forgeline isn’t new to this forum, so most of you already know the fantastic quality that Forgeline has in each of their wheels.

The Mod Experts recently put together this set of Custom Forgeline Wheels for C7 Corvette, one of the first sets of wheels we’ve put together for a C7 Corvette. This Vette owner was looking for a set of Track fitment wheels, and that happens to be one of the Mod Experts‘ specialties.

For the track we can do a few different fitments on that one like 18×10 all around, 18×10 up front and 18×11 on the rear if you want to stagger it, or 18×11 all around is the most aggressive we would recommend that we’ve done a few times before – this Vette owner went with Forgeline GA1R Wheels for Corvette in matte black, spec’d out at 18×10 and 18×11 front and rear. The offsets are never shared with the public by Forgeline and are specific to each car they’re built for. (Email for our recommendations for your setup)



forgeline-wheels-nitto-tires-unmounted-001 forgeline-wheels-nitto-tires-unmounted-002 forgeline-wheels-nitto-tires-unmounted-003 forgeline-wheels-nitto-tires-unmounted-004

We mount/balance these with tires of course, shipped out of our warehouse, please feel free to send the Mod Experts a PM directly if you have any questions, or give us a call at 714.582.3330 .

Forgeline GA1R Open Lug Wheels – Corvette C7
Front Fitment – 18×10
Rear Fitment – 18×11
Finish option – Matte Black

Nitto NT01 Tires
(x2) 275/35/18
(x2) 305/35/18

You may notice the offsets are not listed – that’s because offsets are not given.  Even if you ask Forgeline they will decline to tell you.
sales@modbargains can get you track fitments and such upon request or something along those lines.

Let’s take a look at the GA1R Forgeline Open Lug Wheels with the Nitto Tires mounted.forgeline-wheels-nitto-tires-mounted-001 forgeline-wheels-nitto-tires-mounted-002 forgeline-wheels-nitto-tires-mounted-003 forgeline-wheels-nitto-tires-unmounted-005 forgeline-wheels-nitto-tires-unmounted-006


The factory wheels aren’t that bad looking, but once we get them on the scales, we’re not sure we like them so much.Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-1

Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-2Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-3 Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-5The front wheel came in at 51lbs with tire mounted.
The rear wheel weighed even more, the OEM wheel and tire combo tips the scales at a portly 59.4lbs!!
Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-6Compare that to a featherweight 46.6LB for the Forgeline GA1R Front Wheel with a 275/30-18 Nitto NT01 Tire mounted.Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-14The rear wheels shave an impressive 8lbs over the OEM, the GA1R with a Nitto NT01 in 305/35-18 totals out at just 52lbs – the wider Forgeline rear wheel weighs only 1lb more than the OEM front wheel. That’s some impressive weight savings that can really make the difference at the track.

Let’s take a look at how the Forgeline GA1R wheels look mounted on the C7 Corvette.
Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-28 Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-36 Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-38 Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-39 Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-49 Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-51 Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-53 Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-57 Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-59 Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-63

Of course with a pricey, track fitment, superlight set of wheels, naturally you’re going to want to see the details up close. Check it out.Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-27 Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-29 Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-31 Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-33 Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-35 Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-37 Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-38 Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-41 Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-42 Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-43 Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-45 Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-48 Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-59 Forgeline_C7_Corvette_Black_Wheels_Nitto_NT01_275-35-18-305-35-18_-61Thanks to Donald W, the owner of this C7 for choosing ModBargains to order his set of Forgelines and for trusting the expertise of the Mod Experts.


Thanks for joining us- check out Forgeline’s other great offerings listed below, featuring most popular wheel options for both the street and the track. Feel free to contact the Mod Experts by dialing 714.582.3330 to order your set!


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GA1R-Open Lug Cap





Performance Series – Stepped Lip: