Update: Originally Written in 2014 – Updated March 10 2016


Every once and a while, we get to work on something a little outside our usual wheelhouse, and Yves’ Ford Focus ST was a first for us. While we’ve worked on many Focus ST’s since, this was the first to come to the shop we now call ModAuto.  While we’ve been telling you about our line of Upgrades for the Ford Fiesta ST, we also can help out Focus ST performance enthusiasts too- we’ve even put together a guide for the Best Mods for the Focus ST since then. As an active member of the Southern California ST Enthusiast Community, when Yves asked the club for who could get him a set of BC Racing Coilovers – and Install them – I couldn’t think of any better place than here at ModBargains and the shop here at ModAuto. I really wanted to show the ST community what we’re all about here at ModBargains and why we’re different from other shops out there, and I am pleased to say that our Experience, Expertise and Enthusiasm really shone through from start to finish.

I put Yves in touch with the Mod Experts to set up the installation and put in the order for the coilovers to be sent here.  The Focus ST is a performance platform that seems to grow in popularity every day, and indeed, the car is a performance bargain that’s practical for every day use – akin to the current VW GTI – and is also very closely related to the popular Mazdaspeed3. BC Coilovers for Focus ST were a great choice and offered  a good balance of a drop in ride height and damping to keep the car daily-driver friendly.


“I really liked working with the Mod Experts, he kept me informed from when I ordered my parts and even rescheduled my install for me when I needed to change the day. Frank gave me and my car a lot of personal attention.” Having come down all the way from San Diego for the install, Yves and his lady took advantage of the PS3 to get in some Gran Turismo seat time and refreshments available to our install customers in our Lounge while we worked on the Focus ST. (We now have online Scheduling – click here to make an install appointment!)


Our experienced Senior Installation Technician Dave made quick work of getting the stock suspension off the car, and despite having never touched a Focus ST before that day (we’ve since worked on quite a few), comfortably had the install done right when it was promised – even after taking time to talk to Yves and adjust his new coilovers to get the car sitting at the ride height Yves liked best. Ever thorough, Dave takes every car out for a test drive to ensure everything is “just right” before we consider the job done and send the car home and everything rode perfect.


After getting the car sitting proper with the coilovers, Yves’ white wheels really POP and the car looks a little meaner. Before leaving, he told me that he plans to enjoy the car on a few local mountain roads before heading back to San Diego – and we can’t wait to hear back on the improvement in handling. In the mean time, check out the full photo gallery below and scope out this beautiful Performance Blue Focus ST on BC Racing Coilovers.

Focus-ST-BC-Coilovers-009 Focus-ST-BC-Coilovers-008 Focus-ST-BC-Coilovers-002 Focus-ST-BC-Coilovers-003 Focus-ST-BC-Coilovers-004
Focus-ST-BC-Coilovers-006 Focus-ST-BC-Coilovers-007 Focus-ST-BC-Coilovers-001
A big thank you to Yves for choosing to come to us for his install, and we hope to help him out with a set of H&R Spacers and an Intake System in the near future.

UPDATE: 2 Years later, we’ve made major changes to the ModAuto shop here at ModBargains – to the lounge and our involvement with the ST community has exploded over the past year. Join us March 12th 2016 for our next Focus ST/Fiesta ST/EcoBoost meet 1-3pm at ModBargains in La Habra CA. Yves still is on his BC Coilovers though his Focus ST has seen some changes since. We recently got our Alignment Rack online and operational and now offer 4-Wheel Alignment and Corner Balancing Services even for the lowest cars, as our rack is perfectly flush with the floor – most shops have a hard time even getting a lowered car onto their rack!


If you’re interested in modifying your Focus ST or modding a Fiesta ST, give the Modification Experts at ModBargains a call at 714-582-3330, and you can reach the Mod Experts directly online at ModBargains.com. As you can see, ModBargains has the experience to handle any performance installation on any vehicle. Give us a call to schedule an installation appointment and we invite you to stop by our shop in La Habra, CA.

Story & Photos by Nicholas Gregson