This past Wednesday we held our first “3rd Wednesdays” Ford ST/EcoBoost meet of 2015 here at ModBargains, and the turnout was the biggest we’ve had yet! Thanks to everyone who showed up – we had quite the diverse selection of styles and builds amongst everyone’s vehicles and we had almost as many Fiesta STs as Focus STs.




We had the opportunity to play around with light painting, and we’re rather happy with how our long-exposure experiments turned out.


ModBargains Co-Founder Mike was happy to play emcee once again and hooked it up with Pizzas and Sodas for everyone who came out as a thank you for coming out, Jason D had a blast playing GT5 on our PS3 with PlaySeat & Porsche GT3RS Wheel/Pedal Set, and rebroadcasting it all on the multiple screens looked great.

IMG_9027s Once again Mike was happy to give everyone a tour of our warehouse and shop facilities as we continue to grow and expand.IMG_9035s IMG_9036s


cobb-stocking-order-007 IMG_9037s
 It was a bit on the colder side that evening so everyone did spend a bit of time indoors, but that didn’t stop us from getting everyone together for a great line-up group ST shot.

I personally experimented with some Long-Exposure shots and my work was supplemented by Photographer/Friend Tim Chiang of HIP Inc.



modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img029 modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img028 modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img027 modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img026 modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img025 modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img024 modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img021 modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img019 modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img018 modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img016 modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img017 modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img014 modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img013 modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img012 modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img011 modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img010
Jason D and Derek E. check out what Jason has hiding under the hood after his latest rally run.
modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img009 modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img008 modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img007 modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img006 modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img005 modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img002

Our Project Fiesta ST now wears some BRE/Grand Sport stripes on the front right fender, which are a temporary aesthetic change.modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img001 modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img004 modbargains-fiesta-st-focus-st-meet-january2015-img003

All in all, we had a great time and we wanted to just let it be known, we’ll  be back at it again next month! Join us on the 3rd Wednesday Night of every month for our ST/EcoBoost Ford meetup right here at ModBargains.

Our next get together will be Wednesday February 18th, from 5-8pm onward. We should have more daylight and more parking lot lights on and we’re really excited for spring to come. All are welcome, but we encourage you to bring out your Ford!

We’re located at 1721 E Lambert Rd, Unit C, La Habra, CA 90631 – we hope to see you at the next one!


Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed the photos!

We’re happy that we can be that place for our enthusiast communities to get together and hang out. Thank you all for being a part of it as we share our Experience, Expertise and Enthusiasm with you all.

Need parts for your Focus ST or mods for Fiesta ST? From Injen Intakes and COBB AccessPORTs to Eibach Springs and H&R Coilovers, we can get it all for your ST. Talk to our Mod Experts today – talk to Ford specialist Jurrian ( ) or any of our Mod Experts at 714-582-3330 (x8002 for Jurrian) or chat live on

Story & Photos Nick Gregson
Select photos by Timothy Chaing, HIP Inc


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