Ford_Focus_ST_ST250_HR_Coilovers_Team_Dyn_ProRace_13-2The other day this Ford Focus ST (ST3) came into the shop to be fitted with a set of new wheels and tires and a drop to transform the look and performance of his Focus ST. One of our new Mod Experts, Isaac, helped facilitate the install that would change the character of the ST.
Ford_Focus_ST_ST250_HR_Coilovers_Team_Dyn_ProRace_13-3 Take one last look at the stock wheels and ride height. Note that there’s about 3-4 “fingers” worth of gap between the wheel arch and tire.Ford_Focus_ST_ST250_HR_Coilovers_Team_Dyn_ProRace_13-5


Finding a set of 5×108 Wheels for Focus ST isn’t exactly easy, but Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.3 wheels in matte black are a great choice to contrast the Ingot Silver finish of this ST3.Ford_Focus_ST_ST250_HR_Coilovers_Team_Dyn_ProRace_13-8

To lower the car, a set of coilovers was just what the doctor ordered. Here’s the layout of the Coilovers for the Focus ST from H&R. Mod Expert Isaac had recommended a set of H&R Street Performance Coilovers for Focus ST, as these offer the motorsport tested H&R suspension this ST owner wanted while also delivering ride quality compliant enough for street use.

Ford_Focus_ST_ST250_HR_Coilovers_Team_Dyn_ProRace_13-13Here’s how the H&Rs look installed in the rear of the ST. The techs at ModAuto made quick work of the coilover install, so before we could say Bob’s your Uncle, the car was on the ground with the wheels and tires installed, and we were immediately impressed with the end result.

Ford_Focus_ST_ST250_HR_Coilovers_Team_Dyn_ProRace_13-16Let’s take a look at the new stance from a few angles.
Ford_Focus_ST_ST250_HR_Coilovers_Team_Dyn_ProRace_13-19 From the side profile we can see that the wheelgap has basically been eliminated but leaves just enough clearance to accommodate for the suspension travel necessary for driving on surface streets.Ford_Focus_ST_ST250_HR_Coilovers_Team_Dyn_ProRace_13-20 The new stance of the Focus ST is quite impressive, and the matte black Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.3  are a great contrast to the bright ingot silver finish.Ford_Focus_ST_ST250_HR_Coilovers_Team_Dyn_ProRace_13-22 Ford_Focus_ST_ST250_HR_Coilovers_Team_Dyn_ProRace_13-23 All we had to do was take the Focus ST back outside to appreciate the car in the sun.Ford_Focus_ST_ST250_HR_Coilovers_Team_Dyn_ProRace_13-25 In the sun, the sharp lines of the Pro Race 1.3s evokes the multispoke design of the EAP wheels of earlier generations of Focus.Ford_Focus_ST_ST250_HR_Coilovers_Team_Dyn_ProRace_13-27The bright sunlight also makes it much easier to appreciate the drop.
Ford_Focus_ST_ST250_HR_Coilovers_Team_Dyn_ProRace_13-30 The new profile of the car is amazing – just a drop and a set of wheels makes an amazing difference in the look of the car. The black details and super bright ingot silver finish creates an extraordinarily sharp look.Ford_Focus_ST_ST250_HR_Coilovers_Team_Dyn_ProRace_13-31

We hope yo enjoyed the photos! Thanks for joining us, and we’ll see you next time!

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson