The Nissan VQ-series of V6 engines are pretty potent from the factory, though while you have the stock intake and exhaust fitted, you might find yourself feeling like it’s a bit corked up. That’s how this Infiniti G37 Sedan‘s owner Daryl felt, and so he sought out the help of Mod Expert Alan Wei to help the VQ under the hood live up to its full potential.
A upgraded intake for G37 and exhaust for G37 was just what the doctor ordered- Mod Expert Alan recommended that Daryl go with a Stillen Gen III intake system for G37, unlocking an additional 14whp from just the intake alone. With the intakes moved ahead of the radiator, this is a true cold-air intake system.

Infiniti-G37-S-Sedan-Ark-Exhaust-Stillen-Intake-Before001 Infiniti-G37-S-Sedan-Ark-Exhaust-Stillen-Intake-Before002


The intake system draws from each side of the motor ensuring that both banks of cylinders are breathing freely. After three generations of intakes for the VQ from Stillen, Stillen has refined the intake to the point that their system is the most powerful intake on the market.

Of course, when you upgrade the intake, you can’t exactly ignore the exhaust either. If you want to get more than just sound out of your exhaust system upgrade, a cat-back system is the way to go. Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei recommended an ARK GRIP Exhaust for Infiniti G37 Sedan, giving the Infiniti the throaty exhaust note it always deserved rather than the iconic VQ wail.


Infiniti-G37-S-Sedan-Ark-Exhaust-Stillen-Intake-Before008 Infiniti-G37-S-Sedan-Ark-Exhaust-Stillen-Intake-Before010
With a mild 87db volume, this ARK GRIP Exhaust for Infiniti G37 is a classy and refined choice, and the Polished tips fit the white exterior of the G37 beautifully.


After living with the ARK exhaust for a few days, Daryl tells Alan that he loves the sound the ARK system gives his G37 and his next move will be a set of headers to really uncork that VQ. We can’t wait to hear it.

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson