As an automotive culture enthusiast who also works in the automotive industry, I tend to see lots of amazing cars outside of shows and events as well. As is the case with this sick, VIP E60 owned by Johnne Sou. This shot was from an event last year, and it’s amazing how much his car has transformed since then.

Recently, Johnne came through for some spare E60 parts. He was preparing for show season (here in California, it’s show season year around), and we got a sneak peak of his build.

You don’t see this type of fitment every day. Only the true enthusiasts are willing to go to these kind of extremes to build the car they envision. Johnne has done a great job of putting his soul into this build, making it his very own, something we at are all about.

Johnne’s build is VIP to the fullest, from the mini bar set up down to the vanity license plate. The E60 is the perfect VIP chassis, with plenty of E60 wheels and suspension mods available.

The wrap just tops off this build. But as I soon found out just a few weeks after he came through our shop, he wasn’t done with the build.

Johnne debuted his fully done E60 build at Formula Drift Long Beach, and wow did it blow everyone away. Thanks to Johnne for stopping by and letting us grab some shots of his car. Be sure to check him out on Instagram and follow his build.

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