For some of us this question has no answer. If the mods fit the vision then any cons that result are just par for the course.

Here are the top three extreme mods we have encountered here at ModBargains.


  1. Too low to go home. This 2013 Widebody Mustang GT lowered on KW V3s has been transformed so much that it can no longer fit up its home driveway without the help of custom made ramps by its owner.


Temporary solution, wooden ramps,  his more permanent solution is currently being built at Airrex stay tuned for the next project Widebody Mustang update post.

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (1)

  1. Bagged and Banged up. This E90 BMW 335i recently got fitted with a full Airrex system however his previous suspension allowed for an extremely aggressive wheel setup. Unfortunately when the owner took the new air suspension down to the ground he scratched his BBS LMs with his inner front bumper.


Temporary solution, repair the wheel, permanent solution and good excuse is to get a new set of wheels for the recently updated Project E90 335 but what will they be? Decisions, decisions.


  1. Too Low to Show. This owner has now become relatively famous amongst the likes of reddit and other social media outlets. Low is a way of life for some people and this owner is the poster person for this motto.

Famous Photographer and Videographer Scott Chu caught this driveway angle faux pas for himself at Wekfest in Long Beach earlier this year.

As you can see, extreme modding can cause some extreme headaches, however for the automotive purist the payoff heavily out ways the risk. Taking a car from the lot to the showcase takes lots of hard work and perseverance not to mention a good amount of trial and error. For the average modder the want to make their car into one of these extreme show cars is superseded by the fear or unwillingness to deal with the issues that will enviably come up. However, for the truly insane modification experts out there they do not see the world like us regular modders do. They are never satisfied and are always looking for ways to go lower, faster, or flashier. I for one could never bring myself to their level but I am grateful they are out there so we can all live vicariously through them and get a chance to see some, one-of-a- kind cars that would not be possible if it were not for these crazy enthusiasts.