This past saturday we had the opportunity to fit a handsome Alpine White F82 BMW M4 with a new wheels. The F8x platform is a different animal than the regular 3/4-series, much as the E9X M3 wasn’t the same beast as the E9X 3-Series, and thus, calls for a different fitment than its more pedestrian cousin. This particular M4 belongs to Ken Lee, who entrusted the selection of fitment to Sr. Mod Experts Alan Wei and Elliott Goodman.


ModAuto Technician Juan F carefully balances the F14 Super Deep Concave Wheels on our Hunter GSP9700 Road Force Balancer, ensuring that the tires are balanced exactly as they would be rolling down the road with the weight of the car on them.





Ken wanted to achieve the “concave” look that’s so popular these days, and luckily Alan and Elliott knew just how to make that happen, recommending a fitment of 19×9.5in up front and 19x11in the rear for the Forgestar wheels, both Super Deep Concave. This kind of a fitment is only possible on an M3/M4 without issues with clearance, but when you see it done, man is it amazing.Forgestar_F14_GM_F82_BMW_M4_White_19x95_19x11_SDC-FR-KEN-LEE-AlanElliott-IMG004 Forgestar_F14_GM_F82_BMW_M4_White_19x95_19x11_SDC-FR-KEN-LEE-AlanElliott-IMG005

When it came to picking the tires for the Forgestar F14 Gunmetal 19in wheels for M4, Alan and Elliott suggested that Ken go with Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires, a favorite street-performance compound among serious European performance vehicle owners.

Forgestar_F14_GM_F82_BMW_M4_White_19x95_19x11_SDC-FR-KEN-LEE-AlanElliott-IMG002 Forgestar_F14_GM_F82_BMW_M4_White_19x95_19x11_SDC-FR-KEN-LEE-AlanElliott-IMG007 Forgestar_F14_GM_F82_BMW_M4_White_19x95_19x11_SDC-FR-KEN-LEE-AlanElliott-IMG008


The Super Deep Concavity of the F14s is a brilliant complement to the bulging muscular fenders of the M4 and the Gunmetal wheels provide a nice contrast to the crisp Alpine White paint.

All in all, we love how this came out and we hope you enjoyed seeing the photos as much as we enjoyed making this fitment happen in person.

Interested in a set of Forgestar wheels for your BMW? Trust the Mod Experts with your fitment like Ken did with his M4 – give us a call at 714-582-3330 (x8006 for Alan x8009 for Elliott)

Story Nick Gregson
Photos Mike Brown