We first met this F33 435i a few weeks ago when we installed the a high flow air intake and Carbon Fiber Performance Style Front Splitter for F32/33 4-Series w/M-Sport bumpers, and today it cruised by to get a new stance –  with the expert advice of Sr Mod Expert Alan Wei, a set of H&R Sport Springs for F33 BMW 435i was just what the doctor ordered. bmw-f33-435i-hr-springs-afe-intake-scoop-cf-lip-m-exhaust-mdiffuser-img002

The H&R Sport Springs for the F33 BMW 435i bring the car down 1/2in up front and .30in in the rear, creating a great stance that really enhances the aesthetic of the bmw-f33-435i-hr-springs-afe-intake-scoop-cf-lip-m-exhaust-mdiffuser-img003

From this perspective you can see the H&R Springs on the left side, and the stock spring on the right hand side,  and this view also gives us a look at the BMW M Performance

A few weeks back we fitted this F33 BMW 435i with a sealed intake for BMW N55, and today we enhanced the performance of the intake even further with a carbon fiber intake scoops for F32, which feeds the inlet of the Momentum airbox with a greater flow of fresh, cold air for enhanced performance especially at freeway bmw-f33-435i-hr-springs-afe-intake-scoop-cf-lip-m-exhaust-mdiffuser-img008 bmw-f33-435i-hr-springs-afe-intake-scoop-cf-lip-m-exhaust-mdiffuser-img009


Further enhancing the power output of the intake is a Scorcher Module for BMW 435i N55, which unlocks a less than subtle +40whp and +80wtq gain, giving this 435i the authority to move like you’d think an M-Sport car ought to.

bmw-f33-435i-hr-springs-afe-intake-scoop-cf-lip-m-exhaust-mdiffuser-img021 bmw-f33-435i-hr-springs-afe-intake-scoop-cf-lip-m-exhaust-mdiffuser-img018

The reduced ride height is an excellent complement to the aesthetic created by the F32 M-Sport Carbon Fiber Front bmw-f33-435i-hr-springs-afe-intake-scoop-cf-lip-m-exhaust-mdiffuser-img015 bmw-f33-435i-hr-springs-afe-intake-scoop-cf-lip-m-exhaust-mdiffuser-img014
We really love the way the factory M-Sport rear diffuser complements the look of the 435i cab and the non-CF diffuser ties in beautifully with the Performance Style Trunk bmw-f33-435i-hr-springs-afe-intake-scoop-cf-lip-m-exhaust-mdiffuser-img011

As always big thank you to Quan Bo, the owner of this gorgeous Alpine White 435i M Sport Cabriolet, and shoutout to Senior Mod Expert Alan Wei for helping create such a beautiful overall look and with Alan’s help, this car’s significantly more powerful than the day it rolled out of Munich. Whether you want your car to look nicer or go faster, the Mod Experts can help you do it.

Interested in getting a set of H&R Springs for your 4-series? Or perhaps you want an Intake Upgrade?  Give the Mod Experts at ModBargains a call at 714-582-3330, dial x8006 for Alan.