BMW_F30_328i_Meisterschaft_Quad_catback_CF_spoiler (2) The owner of this BMW F30 328i brought it in the other day to give it a bit more character than all the other women driving 3-series out there in Southern California, so Mod Expert Sean helped this 3-series give their 3 a look and sound all its own. To start, we upgraded the car’s exterior with a F80 M3 Style Front Bumper for F30, painted to match body color.

BMW_F30_328i_Meisterschaft_Quad_catback_CF_spoiler (14)

BMW_F30_328i_Meisterschaft_Quad_catback_CF_spoiler (16)BMW_F30_328i_Meisterschaft_Quad_catback_CF_spoiler (17)BMW_F30_328i_Meisterschaft_Quad_catback_CF_spoiler (4) The new front end gives the car a much more aggressive look, but you’ll note that conspicuously we haven’t put any sort of ///M badge. And there’s no need for one.

BMW_F30_328i_Meisterschaft_Quad_catback_CF_spoiler (9)

To give the N20 some added bark, we installed a used GT Haus Meisterschaft SUS GT exhaust.

BMW_F30_328i_Meisterschaft_Quad_catback_CF_spoiler (30)

Under the hood, to wake up the N20, Mod Expert Sean recommended we fit the car with an Injen N20 Intake for BMW 328i, which frees up intake airflow significantly to unlock another 22 horsepower and 9 lb/ft of torque at the wheels, not to mention faster response and an engine note that lets you actually hear your turbocharger.

BMW_F30_328i_Meisterschaft_Quad_catback_CF_spoiler (31) BMW_F30_328i_Meisterschaft_Quad_catback_CF_spoiler (32)The Injen N20 Air Intake features a heat shield to ensure it’s drawing in the coolest air charge possible.BMW_F30_328i_Meisterschaft_Quad_catback_CF_spoiler (21) Here’s how the Meisterschaft SUS-GT Exhaust for BMW F30 328i looks fitted to the car.
BMW_F30_328i_Meisterschaft_Quad_catback_CF_spoiler (19)
From this angle you can see the signature divided exhaust tips that tell you instantly that this is a Meisterschaft Exhaust system.
BMW_F30_328i_Meisterschaft_Quad_catback_CF_spoiler (23) Nestled into the new M-Sport Rear Bumper for BMW F30, the quad black tips of the Meisterschaft exhaust fill out the valance beautifully for a unique sound unlike any other 328i cruising the streets.

BMW_F30_328i_Meisterschaft_Quad_catback_CF_spoiler (8)

Here’s a closer look at the quad tips.

BMW_F30_328i_Meisterschaft_Quad_catback_CF_spoiler (6) To give the rear end a bit more flair, we also installed a Carbon Fiber Performance Style Trunk Spoiler for BMW F30.
BMW_F30_328i_Meisterschaft_Quad_catback_CF_spoiler (25) With the new bumper, exhaust and rear spoiler, this F30 has a much more aggressive look than stock, more power and an engine note all its own with its unique intake/exhaust combination.BMW_F30_328i_Meisterschaft_Quad_catback_CF_spoiler (27)

We’re just getting started modding this 328i, and we’re looking forward to seeing what it looks like dropped and fitted with a set of wheels. Thanks for joining us, we hope you enjoyed the photos!

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Story & Photos Nick Gregson