Welcome to another Expert Review – We at ModBargains got the word from Injen that their new SP Tuned Intake System for 2014 Ford Fiesta ST was now out of the prototype stage and that the final production part is ready- and now available at ModBargains. We got our hands on one of the first intake systems for Fiesta ST and had to give it a try for ourselves.


We’ve previously discussed the different types of Air Intake Upgrades – this particular intake for Fiesta ST is a “Short Ram” type that adds a conical filter just ahead of the mass air sensor, but also replaces the entire intake tract rear of the MAF sensor to the turbocharger inlet. The OEM Fiestta ST Intake System, while a true ram-air type system, it’s restrictive and the integrated silencer baffles keep you from enjoying the happy spool of your turbo.


The OEM Intake System Leaves A Lot To Be Desired – And Has A Lot of Room For Improvement.

As an enthusiast myself, I have been waiting to upgrade my intake system as nothing up until now was an appealing option – the few competing systems on the market now require cutting or modifying the EGR/PCV system and even modifying the harness.

Injen‘s Intake System for the Fiesta ST is the first one available that is a true plug-n-play type upgrade. Given how many Fiesta ST owners are concerned about their warranties, the idea of a system that required no modification to other systems and left the EGR/PCV system intact was particularly attractive. California ST Owners take note, because I know you want to know: This intake does not yet carry a CARB number – It may in the future.

With a few basic hand tools (7, 8, 10, 12 and 13mm deep sockets + T20 torx), I was able to install the intake system myself in my carport in about forty minutes. I found that having a set of really wide pliers was especially valuable to pop the vacuum connections off their retainers without destroying their retainer clips. I found that the most difficult part of the installation was actually removing the old intake tube that connects the inlet to the junction by the battery. This tube is secured by the 12mm ball stud that the engine cover mounts to (save this and reinstall it) and a 10mm nut. Remove the nut then remove the grommet liners, then remove the grommets. This makes it much, much easier to rotate the intake tube so you can actually get it off. Aside from this minor snag, everything installed quickly and the experience was not at all frustrating.


The intake is well engineered and fits well, the heat shield mounts utilizing the two grommet holes that the OEM airbox sits in, and then secures to the radiator filler panel just to the left of the ram air inlet. The Intake kit also includes a special rubberized stud extension that supports the intake tube from the side of the engine and the rubberized center section dampens vibrations. As for air metering, the OEM Mass Air Sensor is removed from the OEM airbox and transferred to the Injen Intake tube.


I’ve been driving the car for a few days now with the Injen intake, and here are my findings. Before you even get out of your driveway the first time, you will immediately notice how much more you hear your turbocharger. This is not to say it is overly loud or drones, but rather, you actually hear the turbo spooling – and you can hear the system let off excess pressure – giving you that cool “PSSHHH” sound most people buy a blow-off valve to get. 
(Protip: The Ford Fiesta ST and Ford Focus ST do not need a Blow-Off Valve or Upgraded Wastegate Actuator – There is no performance gain for BOVs)
So, if nothing else, you will love the improved intake tone. I have been having a hard time keeping my foot out of it! In addition to now being able to actually hear your turbo doing its thing, I notice that throttle response is improved and the car definitely feels like it has a little more gusto on the ol’ butt-dyno. (Dyno figures from us coming soon…)



When we picked up our intake, we got the chance to see the intakes being produced, right here in California – in the USA , as opposed to being imported. What’s more, we got the chance to talk to Injen’s Intake Engineers about the system for the Fiesta ST.
“We designed the system so you don’t have to cut any of your EGR or PCV lines,” said one Engineer, “While we were designing the intake for the Fiesta ST, we tried several different size intake tubes – 3″ was too large for the motor, but 2.5″ hit the sweet spot and that’s what we went with for final production.” Injen specializes in “Tuned” intake systems (different from ECU tuning), which tailor the air flow characteristics of the intake for maximum power and torque gains. So, what is the power gain of the tuned intake system?


Injen reports that on an otherwise Stock Ford Fiesta ST, the Injen Air Intake got +8.71 more Horsepower and +9.15 more lb/ft of torque at the front wheels on the dyno, hitting a peak of almost 180hp at the front wheels (stock baseline is around +-170) with a stock tune and this cold air intake.


Given that my own Fiesta ST is running a Cobb Stage I 91 Octane map, my gains are likely a little higher because the factory computer’s torque truncation in 1st and 2nd is disabled by the tune. If you’re running an ECU Tune like I am, you can probably expect similarly improved gains. While an enhanced intake system also can improve fuel economy, I’ve not yet noticed any change in economy – neither improved nor decreased (I will update this if I do).


In closing, if you want a little more fun out of your Fiesta ST, this Injen Intake will definitely deliver. You’ll feel the added power, but you’ll hear the difference with every shift, and having that spool and blow off valve sound really does makes every drive a little more fun. If you’ve got a little cash burning a hole in your pocket, picking up one of these intake systems is a fantastic idea and delivers real, tangible wheel-horsepower increases (many upgrade “gain” figures are Crankshaft HP, not Wheel HP). I hate to use this phrase, but you really do get “more smiles per mile”, as it’s certainly left me grinning. Availble at ModBargains for just $250.80, the price is also hard to beat for actual wheel horsepower gains.

You can get a Injen SP Air Intake for Ford Fiesta ST right here at ModBargains (available here before anywhere else!) or by calling one of our Modification Experts like our Ford Specialists Jurrian, Elliott or Frank at 714-582-3330. Or, should you not feel like installing it yourself, ModBargains Experienced Installers can fit this intake to your Fiesta ST for you at our full-service shop in La Habra, CA, just 20 minutes from Disneyland. 

Story & Photos Nicholas Gregson