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When it comes to tuning a new-to-the-market vehicle like the Ford Fiesta ST, a lot of people can be hesitant to try something new on their all-new vehicle. The Modification Experts have already done the legwork so you can be confident that your modification dollars go the farthest. Our experts have already installed a Cobb AccessPort V3 on a Stock Fiesta ST – here are their findings.

A bit about me, and my car: I’m Nick Gregson, Fiesta ST Enthusiast and ModBargains Product Marketing Specialist – and a Modification Expert in my own right. I currently own a ’14 Fiesta ST – and as I make modifications to the car, you can expect to find my reviews of the products I’ve fitted to my own Fiesta right here on the ModBargains Blog.


So I know a lot of you are on the fence regarding what tuner to get… I received my Cobb AccessPort V3 for Ford Fiesta ST this last Thursday, installed it and had it mounted in 10 minutes, literally. I did it on a 10min break. It could not be easier to install, and the cable routing is a snap – I ran it from the OBD II port, up under the dash kick panel, through that crack in the lower dash below the steering wheel, over to where I mounted the unit, next to the start button. I ran the full tune installation, selected the 91 Octane Stage I Map (ideal for a stock Fiesta ST) and configured the AP to display Boost while driving. Annoyingly, the Fiesta ST does not have a factory Boost gauge, so having the readout on the AccessPort V3 for Fiesta ST is handy. This looks tidy and doesn’t obstruct my view, and I can clearly see the gauge readouts on the V3.

The 91 Octane Stage I Map is what I am currently running, and holy hell, the car wakes up. On paper and on the Dyno sheet, the gains don’t look that significant, until you drive with it and realize those gains are across the entire powerband. I haven’t needed to downshift as much and the car has significantly more low-RPM torque – 2nd gear starts are now possible – and easy. I don’t need to downshift after losing revs. I can hold higher gears and use torque to pull the car from 25 to 40mph while remaining in 4th. Real world mileage for the 91 Octane Stage I map was approximately 31 city and 24mpg highway – highway economy is basically unchanged over OEM with only a minor decrease in economy around town.

I also tried the Economy map. I ran the 91 Stage I map back to back with the Economy Map – the Economy Map limits you to 5psi of boost, which really takes a lot of steam out of the car, BUT the tradeoff is that it DOES legit improve fuel economy. I don’t really feel lacking for power on the freeway with the economy tune, it’s just low-speed stuff like passing on the street where you discover where that other 15psi of boost gets you out of the hole. It’s a great option for those who really like fuel economy around town, though for a road trip my experience was that over 65mph this tune loses out over the 91 Octane Stage I map. The 91 Octane map is daily driveable, but you do need to be more ginger with the throttle as the car is MUCH more responsive and has much more noticeable power.

Install/Removal takes moments and there’s nothing the dealer would see – take 5 mins and reflash to stock before your every-7500-mile dealer visit (seriously, that’s the recommended interval for oil changes). Do you know how infrequent 7500 mi is? That’s every 6.5 months or so of average driving.

For the money, it’s a hell of a lot of bang for the buck and makes way more difference than any exhaust or “intake” will net you – and will pay off in spades when you DO add an intake or exhaust later on. The best way to put it is that the a tuner, like the AP, is a modification that keeps paying dividends.

Hit up Modification Expert Jurrian (check out the feature on his SICK ’13 Widebody Mustang GT here) by calling 714-582-3330, emailing – and he’ll work you a great deal on an AP V3. If you have a Focus ST, though you may not see it on the site yet, don’t worry! We have you covered too. Just give us a call and let us know what you’re looking for with your Focus ST and we can probably get it for you!

Dollar for dollar, it is the best money you’ll spend on your Fiesta ST. Don’t waste your money on anything else until you’ve got one of these badboys – and the thing to keep in mind is that it’s easy to change maps to adjust as you mod the car more.

Coupled with a performance airbox, downpipe, exhaust and an intercooler, it will be REALLY formidable.

While MounTune and Forge Motorsport currently offers a Front Mount Intercooler (Forge is available at ModBargains), you may want to consider holding out for the Cobb Intercooler later this year – I recently installed the Cobb Front Mount Intercooler on a Focus ST, and the one thing the Cobb kits include that others don’t is intercooler piping. You wouldn’t think there’s that much to lose from IC piping, but the OEM Ford units were all kinds of wonky with weird oval bottlenecks and had some sort of weird resonator donut. MounTune’s IC doesn’t include piping – they just sell that separately.

I don’t know what you’re holding out for – this is the best mod on the market. We use the products we offer here at ModBargains, because we’re enthusiasts too. 

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Story & Photos by Nicholas Gregson